Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peanuts explains The Race Thing

     The Entire Race Thing Explained in 3 Cartoons Panels and 11 Words
If you are not black and you call Obama a Socialist - you are a racist. 
Criticize his golfing and you are a racist.   
Even if you say something positive that can be slanted as a negative, you are a racist.
Why?  Those statements have nothing to do with race. No rational mind would make that leap.
But they are not thinking rationally.  Ironically, they are reacting from prejudice.
They are programmed to believe that most likely everyone of "your kind" is a racist.  
Their minds are tinderboxes ready to catch fire. 
Even an innocent statement from you, unrelated to race, can still be motivated by your racism, and that is all the spark they need to CONFIRM that you are a racist.
"Believing is seeing".

Friday, September 14, 2012

Is that a hand in your pocket, giving you the finger?

Vote 2012
In 2008 we gave Obama the benefit of the doubt.
With America in economic and moral ruins, thanks to his, and the Democrat party's, tyrannical Socialism and leadership of excuses and lies;
With our embassies and businesses under attack and Americans murdered around the Muslim world, thanks to his bowing to Islam, disrespect for Israel and apologies for America;
It is now time to give Obama the doubt of the benefit and toss his and his party's ass.
The Democrats are the political party of Anti-Semites (see below) and leftist thieves who stealthily continue to suck the value out of your pocket and your savings (see below).
Whether you think Romney is or is not good enough, or that the Republican party is also corrupt (which it certainly can be),
It is critical to get rid of all Democrats from power, because we know that their party is BAD enough.
If you wake up your friends and neighbors, maybe we can patch up some of the damage caused by the Democrats and one day we can take the power away from both parties and restore the power to the people through a representative government that doesn't just have two half-right, half-wrong views from which to make a choice of the evil lesser.

Cartoon by J.D. Crowe - Democrats find God and Bill Clinton
The 2012 Democrat platform had been sanitized of all reference to God and the affirmation that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.
To save the vote of the Politically Ignorant, the truth of the Democrat's Anti-Semitism had to be hidden.
In a very contentious aye or nay vote on the floor of their convention, they tried 3 times to get a majority aye to restore the two omissions.
In the end the Democrat delegates hated God, Israel and the Jews too much to get a 2/3 vote in favor.
But they passed it anyway for political cover.
The Democrat's hatred of Israel and God was even more visible in the massive booing that ensued after the "vote".
Obama's excuse for allowing the omissions was that he hadn't noticed.
(maybe he was too busy writing that secret message to Iran that he would NOT get involved in any war with Iran by Israel)
Perhaps he also did not notice that he is campaigning with the exact same empty words in 2012 as he did in 2008.
Who are these Democrats and Obama?

If I were the Devil and I wanted to ruin America – Paul Harvey (hat tip Bill F)

That hand in your pocket is the FED
Ben Bernanke, the head of the FED (Federal Reserve bank that controls US Money) , announced today that, "not due to any political reason", the FED will be doing a massive Quantitative Easing printing of money for the government to spend and to give away to banks for lending to business.  This is hoped to stimulate their friends to give the Democrats, who will be thrown out of office, high paying jobs in the banks and brokerages that will get richer with this money stolen from the people the economy, just like it did for their cronies and contributors  with trillions of dollars of debt your children will have to pay.
Will it stimulate Wall street and give more money to business?
Is that good for you.  Absolutely not.
You see the money is really coming from you.  But you did not deposit it in the banks. 
You get no interest on it.  And to add insult to injury, you have to pay brokerage fees and interest on every FED note we now call a dollar.
Why pay you a high interest to motivate you to deposit your money in savings that they can then lend, when the FED can just just steal your savings by diluting the capital in the dollar.
Before the FED all our money was redeemable for Gold and silver coins deposited in the treasury.
The Treasury certificate we called the dollar was a promise to deliver gold which was "as good as gold".
Your dollar was a receipt for Gold deposited in, and guaranteed by, the Treasury of the United States and the security of Fort Knox.
The Fed, created in the early 20th Century, is a bunch of banks that the "Progressives" allowed to usurp control of the US Treasury.
No Gold can be redeemed for the FED Reserve note we now call a dollar.  In fact, nothing can be redeemed except more Fed Notes.
A Federal Reserve note, "progressive" dollar,  is not real money, it is not a promise of real money.  It is a promise of potential capital that the government can extract from the people via taxes (the 16th amendment creating income tax) and borrowing against later taxation.  
It is potential Capital, wholly dependent on whether the government will keep its promise. 
It gives the government and the banks the ability to break that promise  by decreasing the amount of capital that the government will exchange for every Fed note and using that capital to back up newly printed FED notes that the government spends and gives to the banks to lend out.
You, not the government, are stimulating the businesses and paying for every newly printed "progressive" FED dollar.   
Quantitative Easing = More theft of your potential capital = you are broke because you have been duped and haven't restored United States Treasury Notes or coins of Gold and Silver that are the only Constitutional money allowed to be accepted by the States of the USA.
The solution is a Re-Revolution.

Lighten up

You know your child is going to be really smart... and a comedian when at 4 years old they say


"Yes, son?"

Kevin called me a chicken."

"What did you do?"

"I said - Oh yeah, well you're a turkey."


"Yes, son?"
Should I apologize for using fowl language?"

Barrack "Pinocchio" Obama

It's time for a first term abortion.

Bombshell information not covered by the Obama controlled media

New bombshell evidence from Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona who has been investigating the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate.
The media isn't covering this other than to ridicule him and Congress isn't looking into the National Security threat the Sheriff discovered.
Sheriff Arpaio is under numerous death threats, The Obama Justice Department is suing the Sheriff for supposedly targeting Latinos (and sued the state of Arizona) and his spending is under review by the government even though he has not spent taxpayer money.
The pencil marks besides some fields are codes.
The 9 indicates that the information was not given by the applicant.
The boxes that the code indicates should have been blank, are filled in.
This proves the document has been altered. 
At the very least, the document is in conflict with itself and would never be accepted in any court.
Obama's certificate number is consistent with one turned in from one of the outlying areas of Hawaii.
It is out of sequence and not consecutively numbered with babies born in the Kapiolani hospital at the same time.  
But the big bombshell is that: Hawaiian Birth Certificates are NOT proof of birth in Hawaii.
According to Law, they are only Prima Facia (Only at first glance) evidence which requires further investigation. They are merely a record and not proof of Birth or American Citizenship.
So even if the document were real, it STILL would not prove Obama was born in Hawaii.
Also a recreated document made by Hawaii, a Obama says his birth certificate is, must be marked by Hawaiian law as 'altered' and has no legal status at all.
In Hawaii, any legal resident who pays income tax can register a birth and receive a birth certificate without verification.
A baby born anywhere in the world could be declared and get a birth certificate in Hawaii.
This bypasses Immigration and Naturalization entirely to create an 'assumed' American citizen. 
Since there is NO time limit to this process, it is therefore a National Security risk.   Anyone in Hawaii can obtain a birth certificate for terrorists no matter where or when they were born; which could then be used to obtain driver's licenses and fake American citizenship.   
The President should show the microfilm that contains the original document.  He does not because if would prove this massive fraud.  He keeps this off the radar through convincing the country that "birthers" are crazy conspiracy nuts.  But the Sheriff certainly is not.

Obama, a serial killer?

Being President is Murder
To maintain a free society with the right to life, people can not murder each other.
Neither should they be murdering each other's reputations. 
Americans have forgotten that lesson and  have gotten the President they deserve...
A serial Killer of reputations. (who was raised a Communist and indoctrinated with Islamic hatred)
Obama won his past elections by default, not on merit.   He murdered the opponent's reputation and took them out of the race.
"It's almost like a serial killer's signature. Unsealed personal records have been released to the press. Obama must be running for office!
So you can see what a pickle the Obama campaign is in having to run against a Dudley Do-Right, non-drinking, non-smoking, God-fearing, happily married Mormon."
That's why he wants years of complicated tax records from Romney that he can distort.

Why Obama is making so many Gaffes:

Avoiding political solicitations. 
You can't trust your "representatives".  They represent themselves and their party - and not you.
If they ask for your opinion or help, remember...
They don't care about what you need, your opinion, your thoughts... just your money and your vote.
Never participate in any pledge, survey or solicitation of any kind from your congress or political party. 
They are all cons to sell your email and postal address and solicit money. 
I signed a pledge at an official, legitimate site www.CutCapAndBalanceAct.com
I thought I might make a difference. 
Instead I have been opted-in to all sorts of Political Action groups and their spam emails.

What could be worse than the KKK and the Spanish Inquisition?

So, you think the Ku Klux Klan
and the Spanish Inquisition are bad?
So do we, but...

Put the Numbers in Perspective

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years. (

More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years. (source)
Who called himself a Muslim in Cairo, murdered Gadhafi in Libya so Islamic terrorists could take over, supports the terrorist Muslim brotherhood "Arab Spring-board" takeover in Egypt , Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab countries,  pretends to be a Christian, hates Israel, America, white folk, fat people and rich people, acts like royalty, spends millions of your money for his luxury vacations and looted trillions from your children and grandchildren?
Who is the reason our Ambassadors are murdered and our Embassies torched by the Muslim Brotherhood?
Who was elected because he's black, gets a pass to be above the law because he's black, is actually half white but grew up Red and crafts every sentence he speaks into a deception?
Obama's Transparency

Out of context?

"My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit.

He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition."
-Indira Gandhi   (Former Prime Minister Of India)

In the Star Trek TV Series, the Borg was a cyborg collective that assimilated everything in it's path.
They turned everyone into cyborgs with one collective mind.  You lost all individuality. 
Their main communication was "Resistance is futile".

From the editor of "Off The Grid News".
Dear J.,
Many a news pundit has claimed that Obama's recent "You didn't build that" quote was taken out of context.
Even a campaign spokesperson has come out saying that people are twisting the President's words. Let's take a look at the full quote, in context:
"There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me, because they want to give something back. They know they didn't -- look, if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. You didn't get there on your own. I'm always struck by people who think, 'Well, it must be because I was just so smart.' There are a lot of smart people out there. 'It must be because I worked harder than everybody else.' Let me tell you something -- there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.
"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn't get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet."
First of all, we know this is completely ludicrous. My parents have started three very successful businesses, and I guarantee you that they thrived IN SPITE OF government meddling, not because of it. But, for the sake of argument, let's take the President at his word for a moment.
If the government is the one helping all the businesses (and therefore the jobs), then why is there a single person on unemployment at the moment? Has the government just decided to ignore the almost 13 million people who are without jobs, as news outlets declare that the unemployment rate continues to tick up?
Is it just me, or does it seem like this could be a scene straight out of The Wizard of Oz? Everyone believes that the wizard is great and powerful, but when you pull back the curtain, he is nothing but a silly little man spinning cogs and pulling levers. And it turns out that the things Dorothy and her companions were seeking were within themselves all along.
Let's take a cue from Dorothy and look beyond the smoke and mirrors to see the truth of the matter. The wizard can't save us--the only way we'll get where we want to be is to realize we've had the ability all along.

In the end.
Government didn't build that
Obama, you didn't build that.
The people who earned the wealth that government used... they built that.

Obama's Suck-cess secrets

By Yourself 590
I did "not" draw this cartoon!!!..
According to Obama, It was a joint effort of my school teachers, the government's internet
and the road that leads to my studio… But thank you all the same. - A F Branco
Dear Barack,
The Government did not get there on it's own either, they got there with our money.
Dr. Society
FYI – Marxism believes that the rich didn't get there on their own, the workers helped them and therefore the workers were entitled to ownership of the business.
Tell me again that Obama is NOT a MARXIST!
Next step, if the rich only made it with the help of government, then government should own their business.
Ab-Uma (father of the Muslim world dominion) -  He's Black and White and RED through and through.


"They smile in your face" and the Inflation scam

What they do.
They smile in your face.
All the time, they want to take your place.
Backstabbers - the O'Jays
 O'Jays,_TheFile:The O'Jays-photo-by-raymond-boyd.jpg

A graphic that will help you understand the massive debt that Obama and his Socialists made YOU responsible for.
Hat tip – AGB.

Congressman Scott Garrett - Top ten reasons why ObamaCare is unconstitutional.

Socialism is evil Capitalism  
Karl Marx believed that the rich were monopolizing all the available capital thus cutting out the working population from opportunity. 
He recommended the government take the capital from the rich through progressive taxes and distribute it to the workers - Socialism.
In Socialist America, the 16th amendment was passed in 1913 to do just that. 
The amendment was sold to the people as a tax only on the super rich 1%.
However, unless you are in a feudal society, the rich do not actually have all the capital... you do.
Which is why within a few years the Socialist US government taxed everyone and used the Federal Reserve to steal even more of your capital and monopolize it for themselves. 
The problem with Socialism is facing reality. 
The government is made up of corruptible people.
If you give them the power to take the wealth from the rich, they will keep and monopolize it; and they'll take the worker's wealth too.
Just like in the Soviet Union.  The politicians and the government become the evil, Capitalist, rich monopolists, cutting out the population from opportunity.
Here is how the Federal Reserve Note/inflation scam works:
The Socialists eliminate US Treasury  dollars which are redeemable in gold or silver and replace them with Federal Reserve Notes denoted as dollars.
The Fed notes are redeemable in capital the government obtains by taxing you.
(The Fed notes are backed by Treasury bonds which are a promise of capital backed by the government's ability to tax the populace.)
So the Fed notes are a promise once removed.  A promise on a promise to tax you.
Newly printed Fed notes represent no capital at all.   All the available Capital is already promised and tied up in the previous batches of notes. 
To capitalize newly printed notes, the government must either raise taxes or go back on it's promise and transfer some of the capital, which your note promised you, to the new notes.
Say each note represent 100 cents of capital.   And let's say the government then prints 25% more notes.
Remember, the government has no capital of its own. It always finances everything with your capital.
It could raise taxes to get more capital from you to cover the newly issued notes, but you wouldn't like that and the politicians might not get re-elected. 
Instead they capitalize the new notes by spreading out the promised capital from 100% of the notes to the now 125%. 
100/125  = .80 
The government reneges (goes back) on their promise to redeem 100 cents of capital on the dollar.  
All your notes will now be redeemable for only 80 cents of capital to support the new notes.   
They look the same and are denoted as a Dollar so people don't realize they represent less than a dollar of capital.
People eventually see the effect of the lessening of capital in their dollars as inflation in prices.
The government's promise to pay 100 cents of capital per dollar, is now a promise to pay only 80 cents of capital.
(as they say, it's not worth the paper it's printed on)
Dollar denoted prices rise to obtain the same 100 cents of capital from the dollar note that now only represents 80 cents of capital. 
Socialist propaganda would have you blame the evil, greedy, rich Capitalists and merchants, not the government.
However, the truth is, the merchants are not actually charging you more capital.   They are only compensating for the government's deceptive promise.
Stop the Socialist government's immoral theft that is draining your life and taking away your children's future.

Closed call

Liar in chief


Here is the link to only the top 20 tax increases in ObamaCare.

The Supreme Court, in it's decision to uphold the ObamaCare penalty for not buying insurance as a Tax, also made it clear that the people must control their politicians and not rely on the Court.

If you want to know more and how to restore civility and civilization read www.TheSocietyProject.org

Eat Bat Guano
Environmentalists are closed minded idiots and arrogant in their lack of expertise.   Big hearts, no brains. 
They pushed for Wind Energy but somehow didn't realize that they were causing bats to die by the hundreds of thousands.  Combine that with diseases and we might even see some species' extinction.  No bats means a huge insect problem. 
Duh... the government couldn't figure out why bats are dying.  Are they attracted to windmills, duh... they can avoid cell towers why not windmills? Duh ... Is it the bats migratory behavior, must be Republicans (ok they didn't say that) DUUUUUH.  Idiots.
Finally the engineers get involved.  You know the people that actually know something,  who Politicians never consult until it's too late.  
Simple, the bats don't see the spinning blades with their sonar.  Because the blades are moving they "see" only empty space. 
The technology to stop bat collisions will make this "cheap" power even more expensive. 
Now can we drill our oil and Frack our natural gas?

Language change is caused by Humans
The phrase "Climate Change" - which can mean anything since the climate ALWAYS changes - is a weaseling out of saying "Global Warming" now that it has proved to be junk science based on falsified data and manipulated statistics.
The two phrases are NOT equivalent and therefore confuse the issue.
Language propaganda is one of the mind manipulation techniques used by cults and governments to control resistance and for indoctrination.
It is prominently featured in the novel 1984, where it is called New Speak.
It is indirection that fools the brain into accepting a false reality much like magicians fool the brain into accepting what is impossible.
Cognitive dissonance is why our minds remain programmed and closed.
We don't like contradiction in our view of reality so we rationalize away those contradictions. 
Facts, figures, ideas, knowledge, opinion or even evidence that contradicts our preconceived views will be rejected; and anything, no matter how insignificant, that bolsters the view we hold will be accepted and defended. 
That's why we need proven standards around which to resolve contradictions.    Common standards resolve conflict. 
We lost the common standards that The USA was founded on and which allowed us to experience widespread Liberty and prosperity unknown to prior civilizations. 
Our views have been conditioned by decades of propaganda and biased education that promoted dissention and conflict among the populace and the false necessity for the impossible fantasy of an all-wise, all-powerful, benevolent governing elite. 
We allowed our government OF the people to become a government OVER the people.
We allowed too much power to a Central Government and to Political Parties.
We allowed the loss of representation of the States, small communities and individuals.
A government OVER the people corrupts or sidelines every Politician that enters the system.
We have had Political Correctness foisted on us which has washed out any capability for discriminating between what works and what doesn't, what is true and what is false, what is fact and what is propaganda fiction - even what is right and what is wrong.  With no standard, there is no way to judge and everyone is right and wrong depending on which way the wind blows. 
The world has forgotten that nothing is free.   Government gives ONLY what it first TAKES.
Rights are violated because we are conditioned to a false entitlement mentality that deludes us into acceptance of unjustified privileges for certain groups and which overlooks the duty that comes with rights. 
Do you have any idea what Natural Rights are?  Or that the Constitution does not grant any rights; that in fact the Bill of Rights contains only constraints on the government from violating the rights that we are endowed with by virtue of being Human beings. 
A division into Left and Right is concocted by Politicians to mask that both parties are moving towards a government OVER the people (tyranny) rather than OF the people (a government balanced between anarchy and tyranny). Read more at www.TheSocietyProject.org

You know you are in a recession when:

2008 Bank Crisis - funny fake bank note
You receive a pre-declined credit card in the mail.
A picture is worth only 100 words.

Wives are taking their husbands to bed because b
atteries are too expensive.

Major corporations are laying off their Politicians.  

Polygamists are marrying only one wife.
A check is returned marked "Insufficient Funds", and you wonder if the bank meant you, or them.

Angelina Jolie adopts a child from America... and moves to Africa to give it a better life.   

A truckload of Americans gets caught sneaking into Mexico.
You don't need to be divorced to lose half your assets.
It dawns on you that "Credit Crunch" is not a candy bar.
Money talks... and yours said "goodbye".
The S&P is renamed "Standard and Poor"... everyone lost their S.
You really do have a small fortune.
Making a killing on Wall Street only means a broker was shot.
The way to start a small business is to buy a large one and wait.
Being back on your feet means your car's been repossessed.
In fact repossession is so prevalent, ObamaCare added coverage for exorcism.
You join the AAA and get towed to work because it's cheaper than buying gas.
An Apple computer is the guy who prices fruit.
The only way to double your money is to fold it.
Michelle flys together with Barack to their vacation.