Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WEFT - The station that doesn't speak your language

If you redefine a lie as truth then repeating it is telling the truth.

Democrats/Socialists/Leftists manipulate language so they can say they are telling the truth about their lie. 

You have to parse their language and not accept what they say at face value because they don't speak your language.

In normal English Fair and Balanced means presenting all sides.

In Left-Speak Fair and Balanced means only their views. 

Presenting any other view is bias.  That's how they can say Fox news which presents both Liberal and Conservative views is biased and mean it.

Bi-Partisan to a Democrat means when both sides support what the Democrats want.  It does not mean compromise from the Democrat side or even listening to anything the Republicans say.

When they say Republicans have no alternative plan, they mean Republicans will not be allowed to present any plan and even if they did Democrats wouldn't listen.

When Obama says you won't see a dime in new taxes we think that means he won't raise taxes.  What he means is that you won't see the taxes he will raise.   They use Hidden taxes like inflation or taxes that affect business which raise your prices.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

America is not a wealthy country.

Obama and other Socialists say that a wealthy country like America should provide for all its people. Isn't that moral? Isn't that Social Justice? Perhaps... if it were true.

However. America is not a wealthy country. It is a country that has wealthy individuals!

The Country's so called wealth is taken by force from its wealthy individuals.

It would be more accurate to say that the minority who have power in government has pirated a wealth of booty that they will distribute to placate the masses and keep themselves in power.

Theft is not moral! Stolen wealth corrupts the individuals who distribute it who think the wealth belongs to them and by giving politicians the power to control individuals.

It corrupts and disturbs the markets into which it is distributed thus making it harder for the individuals to produce wealth.

It corrupts the individuals who receive it. They didn't learn a useable skill, make contacts, gain experience nor accumulate the wisdom and the maturity that comes from the process of earning. It is not duplicatable and they become dependent on the largess of the politician. They still live in fear. Easy come easy go.

Social justice is not built on theft! Social Justice is built on individuals and their communities taking care of each other VOLUNTARILY!

Forced Social Justice is merely violence. Force takes away free will and defeats the purpose of our existence. Force is slavery. Force is immoral.

Throughout history, the same rationalization for sanctioning theft to provide charity has been used to sanction theft to provide for soldier's pay and to sanction rape to provide for soldier's health. Not to mention sterilization and racial murder.

Socialism is Tyranny and we have it. Will you allow it to continue?