Friday, December 27, 2013

If you like your Vacation, you can't keep it.

Obama Vacations

While the Obamas relax in the lap of luxury in Hawaii at taxpayer expense,
 (FYI - Their vacation costs more than England spends on the Royal family in a year)
 a new ObamaCare outrage has surfaced, that will affect your travel. 

Most ObamaCare exchange plans only provide local medical coverage.  That means you will not be covered where you travel to, or where you have a vacation home, or time share or if you live on a state border and go shopping in the neighboring state or visiting your relatives or children at their college. 

Read More At Investor's Business Daily:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why ObamaCare O'Bombed so badly

ObamaCare - Over 6 people Served.

I've been in Information technology most of my working life so I understand it's complexities. 

The inevitable failure of ObamaCare, and of every other "overly ambitious to the point of being fictitious" software project, is due to stupid management.   In this case, self centered ideological Politicians who set a deadline in stone, based on a bill which no one read, for a system that no one understood.

It was all wishful thinking, with time and costs pulled out of thin air, to sell the project and get Politicians elected.  There is zero chance of fixing the system in the five weeks they promised; The work will go on and on and the real costs will be in the billions and then many times over again in maintaining the system for every change in the ACA.

139693 600 Not A Crook cartoons

139814 600 obamacare glitch cartoons

But if people knew there were problems, why was the project allowed to bomb so badly?
Risk management expert Robert Charette:

This is all about plausible deniability. Once it was real apparent that this thing was going to be a turkey, nobody wanted to say a thing. 
 You’ve got these different groups that were in charge of different portions of the ObamaCare website, each hoping that the others were going to admit that there was a problem. And when none of them admitted it and the thing blew up on 1 October and the days following, everybody said, "Well, we didn’t know." I wonder if they really think we’re all that stupid.

139760 600 On Your Own cartoons is a huge system of systems and it’s extremely difficult to manage these things even in the best of times. You have so many different interfaces with so many different assumptions controlling how the individual systems operate. And they’re rarely built with enough flexibility to be used by lots of other systems...IRS systems, the Department of Homeland Security systems, or any of the other ones we’re talking about...were never created to be connected to something like ... Imagine being given Lincoln Logs, an erector set, and Legos and saying, "I’m gonna make something where everything fits properly." That’s not likely to happen. It takes a tremendous amount of time just to understand how things operate, so that when you begin to design things, you can actually have information pass through all these interfaces seamlessly. Any problem at any one of these junctures will cause a person’s application to stop.

What you don’t want is somebody making a change that nobody else knows about. Just getting hold of who’s doing what to what, and understanding what the implications are is itself going to be a huge undertaking. For every bit of software, you want to have some release control. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that type of management.

How much will it really cost?
It’s likely to be in the billions by the time everything is said and done. It’s hard to give an exact figure because of the way the contracts are managed. There’s a lot of ways to put money toward Obamacare IT but not have it ever show up as such. So it’s going to take a long time for even the government auditors to figure out how much money is being thrown at this thing. The bigger issue to me is not the rework cost, but how much money is going to be spent maintaining this thing. Changes to the law will have ripple effects across every one of the interfaces in this system of systems, which will mean changes, the possible introduction of errors, and end to end testing. If we extrapolate, the maintenance cost is likely to be three to five times higher than the development cost over the next 10 or 15 years.

Learn your lesson.

139513 600 Trick or Treat cartoons

Even if they fix ObamaCare, the government system will still remain completely and irreparably broken.   See for why, and how, we must use the Amendment Process to fix it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Half Truth and nothing but. The Unaffordable Act/Obamacare TRIPLES health insurance costs for most.

The affordable care act, like every other government program is a scam.
It is there to increase the Politician's power and wealth.  Nothing else. 

The Politicians, like the proverbial slick used car salesman, who sells you junk that looks good on the outside but requires a fortune to keep running,  sell their programs to you by focusing on the "benefits" without telling you the way it is paid for.
Would you be surprised if I tell you that the ACA has TRIPLED most people's health insurance costs? That's how the few who benefit are being paid for. 

First you should realize - Every word a Politician comes out with is a half truth, especially the carefully crafted phrases of the President of Deception, Obama.

Politicians are always campaigning.  They speak to win power and their communication to you is all about defending themselves, attacking the other party and hiding embarrassing information.    It is NEVER the whole truth and certainly not what they talk about in secret.

And it is about meaningless and wasteful gestures and posturing to boost their votes with their constituents.

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - Repeal Obamacare Votes

And it is about mean spirited and spiteful gestures and posturing to boost their votes with their constituents.

The ACA gives some people benefits they did not have before. - true
SOME people. At the expense of everyone else.
That's the part the Politicians are hiding.

Just like Welfare payments benefit some people, but everyone else pays for it.
The ACA, is Stealing money from the many to benefit the few that the GOVERMENT, not you, deem worthy.

Those deemed worthy are so, because they will VOTE for the ones who push welfare and the ACA.
You are paying to buy votes for Obama and the Democrats.

The Happy Voter
Cartoon by Ed Stein - Mandates

Proof from personal experience.
Most people get their health insurance subsidized by their employer. Those people do not see the true cost and that is what Obama is counting on.

As an Employer, I do see the true cost. Premiums have gone up 40% the first year, the ACA was passed, (in the middle of the night without debate or anyone knowing what was in it. A perfect recipe for success right?), and 25% every year since.

Deductibles went from $1500 to $8,000 for out of network and a similar percentage for in-network.

In total, Premium costs have doubled. That doubling is coming out of everyone's salary through raises that will not be given. An unseen cost. Assuming you use your insurance, you will pay the much higher deductible that you did not have to pay before ObamaCare. Another cost not mentioned by the Politicians.

Factoring in the deductible and the premium doubling, the amount paid by most has effectively increased by approximately three times what it was before ObamaCare.

And the Young...Choosing a state at random, the Manhattan Institute reports that before the ACA, the average 27-year-old male in Arkansas could buy a health insurance policy for roughly $54 a month. According to the White House website, on the ACA exchange, the average lowest-priced plan will be three times more expensive, costing him around $181 a month – a 235 percent increase. If he were to purchase a stripped-down catastrophic plan, it would cost roughly $135 per month, two-and-a-half times more than his current insurance.

And that doesn't include the half billion you all paid for the broken ACA website and the billions already spent, on training, accounting and implementation.  And the trillions more to get the thing actually working, if it ever does.
Or the time wasted, and the ill health that anxiety produced due to endless arguments about which party is to blame.

The ACA is yet another wasteful government program that increases the power and wealth of the Political parties at your expense.

Face it.  Even the Supreme Court will not bail you out of government tyranny and theft.

Cartoon by John Branch -

Fix it by getting rid of Political Parties and Amending the Constitution to repair our broken government system.
Read and participate in crafting the Amendments that will restore a Government OF the People not Above the People by Joining this group:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Obama's "Son" on a Stabbing and Murder spree

Obama declared that hoodie wearing thug Trayvon Martin could be his son:
What the Media showed us.
The Reality:
After the innocent verdict in the "White" Hispanic George Zimmerman trial,  what Obama said on the left and the truth on the right: 
The Prez wants Justice for Trayvon: (His Justice = payback based on Envy and Jealousy.  Steal all the wealth from the Jew, Christian and Whitey and take them down)
So despite the Jury and the law he, his DOJ, his media and the ambulance chasing lawyers, will continue to persecute and harass investigate George Zimmerman - and push for
Gun Control

Zimmerman Not Guilty
Other than this Crime:

B on B Crime 590 LA logo
Can you guess what the "White" African-American President Obama's Hoodie wearing black "sons" have been doing lately to "White" Hispanics and "white" Asians and assorted other "White"   people? 

- In Seattle, Obama's hoodie wearing black son jumped out of the bushes and stabbed a 55 year old woman to death.
- In Queens, NY Obama's black Hoodie wearing son stabbed another "white" (Hispanic) girl 11 times
- Obama's black Hoodie wearing son also stabbed a Queen's village woman in the throat and back.
- And in Manhattan (without the usual hoodie) Obama's black son stabbed a woman
- In the UK on a double decker bus, Obama's son stabbed a Schoolgirl to death.
- While on a queue (line), for the ultra violent "Grand theft Auto" video game, Obama's "Light Skinned" black, hoodie wearing son stabbed a man
- Then in the UK a gang of 20 black sons of Obama in hoodies, using bats and knives stabbed a boy to death and critically wounded his father who tried to protect him.  
And...not one gun

Irony of ironies.  A Racist President, Elected by Racists to prove they are not Racists.

The Racist Herd voted for Obama based on his skin color and not his character, exactly opposite to MLK's famous I have a dream speech.  
Also, contrary to MLK is Obama's Racial huckstering and divisive hate against whites.  
What can one expect of someone with the name "Father of the Islamic Dominion" (Ab-Uma – Obama)?  He was raised as a Muslim to hate Jews, as a Communist to hate America, taught for 20 years by Rev Jeremiah Wright to hate whites and by his radical, (Cop killer, homicide bomber, terrorist and now professor) Democrat friends to hate Republicans.  Unfortunately he and his cronies and puppet masters were able to pass these alien, non-American beliefs on to the fertile soil of the brainwashed, pre-programmed, receptive Herd.
No matter the facts, the Herd dismissed everything as conspiracy theories (especially Obama's contrived birth certificate) because He's Black (and Democrat) and he speaks well and the Political advertisements and propaganda, posing as news, said he is so intelligent.
Well, isn't that special?  The first black President of the USA.   See we showed that we aren't racist (except as needed for the Black race hucksters).  We even give him leeway  to serve out his term on vacation.  We even let the First Couple of freeloaders  take separate planes and double the enormous expenses. 
Now the world can stop hating America. Oh right, first we have to give away all our money to the rest of the corrupt governments of the world (with extensive commissions going to the Politically connected), destroy our economy and kill Capitalism. 
Now they can like us.  Oh wait, we have to support the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the middle East, arm all the Islamic terrorists and kill Israel (Dirty Jews, who cares, they deserve it.  At least the Nazi Islamic propaganda says so) and destroy Christianity to separate Church from Tyranny State.  In fact kill all Religion (except Islam, of course.  Wouldn't want to stop all those bribes and Oil would we. Stupid Giuliani, turning down Prince Waleed's check to whitewash 9/11). 
Ok.  Now?  Oh wait, we need another term for the least respected President in history, because we only made a start and he needs more time to finish the utopia. 
Upshot -  Now, not only does the world still hate us but now they no longer respect us.  We have lost our allies, the Communists are laughing at us for being more Communist than they are and the Islamic terrorists (you know, the ones supposedly on the run) are so strong that all our Middle East embassies had to be closed down based on a suspicious whiff in the air.  Did I mention that we're in hock past the next generation's ability to pay.
The Shining City on the Hill has slid down the cliff into the slime! 
Do something about it.  Use the backup plan the founders put in the Constitution - The Amendment Process:

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pilot error and Power Ball wisdom

Rolling Stone Cover
If the media didn't show you the crash of a Korean airliner, in San Francisco  - with animation, endless pictures and 24 hour coverage - you would have been completely unaware of the tragedy.  And you certainly wouldn't have heard that the crash was due to Pilot error. 
(and the ridiculousness of the TV Anchor obliviously reading the phony names of the pilot and crew :-) 
pilotsnames - News station wrongly names pilots in Asiana plane crash -- 'Ho Lee Fuk,' 'Sum Ting Wong'
The US economic crash is not as obvious as a Plane Crash, and the Media, who are in the same Political Party as Obama, won't cover it. 
You certainly won't get to the point of contemplating the pilot error of Obama, when you aren't even aware of a crash.
Instead you hear Obama lying about how great everything is to keep people's confidence up and keep them spending. Not to mention re-elect his party.
Since the government and the Media are keeping you in the dark,  let's look at something you are aware of - the Multi-State Power Ball lottery. 
The price of a Power Ball ticket went up from 1 dollar to 2 dollars in Jan 2012.
They said they needed twice as much money to boost the jackpot amount to attract more buyers.  Why? 
Is there something less attractive about 20 million dollars in 2012 than it was in 2008?  
Apparently so.   
Remember in the movie Austin Powers when Dr. Evil, having just woken up from being in suspended animation since 1967, asked for a ransom of one Million dollars? 
They laughed at him.  One million in that modern time barely covered a mid range house. 
Are the houses so much better today than then?  No... in fact they are 40 years older. 
Because they have aged, a house bought for 10 thousand in 1967 should be worth maybe one thousand due to depreciation. 
So why does it cost one million?   It's solely because the value of the money has depreciated.   
The lottery judged a 100% percent increase was necessary, because the dollar was worth half as much in 2011 as it was in 2008. 
The doubling in price reflects the fact that the Federal Reserve, under the current administration, has printed and released enough new dollars into the economy to dilute the dollar value by half.  
Think of the dollar as a balloon, whose purchasing power/value depends on how much air is in the balloon. 
The government can print new balloons, but there is no air or value in them. 
To get air/value, the government takes half the air/value in your dollar to fill up their newly printed ones.
Thereafter, it takes two of your half-filled dollars to buy a power ball ticket, where before it took only one, fully filled, dollar. 
The government gets to spend all those newly half-filled dollars that they didn't have before.   All that value came from you.
It is effectively a stealth flat tax on every person's dollar in their pocket, the dollars in their savings and the, dollar denoted, worth of every person's property
Under Obama, The government confiscated one half of all the property in the United States - and elsewhere from whoever holds a dollar or dollar priced asset.
According to government figures, 85 billion a month in new dollars are printed.  So over the year the Federal reserve will print over 1 trillion dollars, to buy Treasury Bonds, that you have to pay back from your taxes.  That trillion will flow through the banks (right away, since the bank can get the trillion at almost zero interest) taking one trillion out of value from your dollar.  
But wait folks, that's not all.   If you call for a loan right now we'll steal 10 times as much from you.  We don't even have to pay you for shipping and handling (or interest).  You see, the banks can loan out almost 10 trillion dollars  because the banks are only required to maintain a 10% reserve.   Not only did the FED steal your savings to give to the banks for nothing, but the banks keep any interest they might have paid you if you had deposited the money.       
But wait.  In addition to this set of knives - to your heart - there's even more!
The interest on the bonds held by the Fed amounted to almost 90 billion dollars, paid to the FED by the government from your taxes.

This article, put out by the left wing Daily Beast, is of the impression that treasury bond interest paid to the Federal Reserve is profit returned to the taxpayers.  Which is ludicrous, since the money for the interest payments came from the taxpayers in the first place. And, the money from the bond interest, paid by the taxpayers, does not go back to the taxpayers at all, it goes to the government and the banks.  It is just another hidden tax which is spent by the corrupt Politicians.
Here's how to fix this crazy system:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

USA - stands for "Unbelievably Stupid America". How did we get here? The Reds and the Brotherhood.

Can you spot the inadvertent truth relating to the purpose of the Presidential Spokesman's words:
Hat tip Bill F.

The President actually said these words:
And, uh, Don't look around the corner.
And anyway I, uh, President Obama, knew nothing about it. 
Brewing Scandals 590 LA w logo
Don't blame me, the government is too vast for me to know at all, err... it all.
You can't say that I targeted political enemies with the IRS, like Nixon did. 
(Hey Joe, tell them.   CNN and the other lapdogs aren't saying that.  What's that? Bob Schiefer is outraged about us spying on that Fox news reporter Rosen ... but Bob is a Democrat!)   
Childs Play 590 LI
Only Nixon 600 logo
No way!  I'm Not Like Nixon. 
Look!  I didn't make any tapes.
And uh, look at my face, I'm outraged by this unacceptable behavior of umm... my stooges at ...the IRS,
Big Dawg 590 LI
and uh...
I never said "Let me say this... about that".
Nope.  Now calm down.  There's nothing to see here my Media friends.
No There
Certainly not the most Deceptive, Manipulative, Corrupt, Anti-American, tyrannical and yes, even criminal Administration ever.

How did we come to this point?
Communist ideology guided the Progressive Movement's Presidents Wilson, and FDR.  Wilson broke the Constitution with the Income tax amendment (16th) and the removal of all State representation in the Federal Government (17th amendment) He then destabilized our currency through the creation of the Federal Reserve.  FDR hooked the country on Social Spending and a massive government.  From the 40's to the 80's, the Soviet Communists infiltrated America's Unions and Government, spent billions funding anti-war, anti-American, Anti-Religion, Anti-Male, anti-moral protests, creating a drug culture, influencing intellectuals and the Media, and infiltrating our Universities to destabilize our culture, family and economy.  

The result of this massive ideological and propaganda onslaught is today's apathetic, amoral, atheist, America-hating, politically divided, victim and entitlement culture. 
But wait that's not all.
Virtually unnoticed, until after 9/11, and currently in our faces with the so-called Arab Spring, has been the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.
In the Arab Spring - aided by the, Muslim and Communist raised, US President's active support (or his lack of knowledge or innocent gullibility and stupidity - whichever you would rather believe), The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the governments of many of the Countries surrounding Israel. 
In case you don't know, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a Muslim Brotherhood organization. 
They spread disinformation, file lawsuits to silence enemies and feature Islamic Radicals at their fundraisers to influence so-called moderate Muslims to come back to the violent Jihad fold. 
More striking are the American Universities that have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, spreading their Islamic culture of hate for Jews and America, influencing and protecting terrorists and preparing for their Jihad.
Did you know that Sharia law, which denigrates Women and  is contrary to our Judeo Christian morals and our Constitution, governs all Religious Muslims in this country?
For more see:
Why and How do you fix it?

Speaking of Islamic infiltration:
The International Red Cross, like the United Nations, is an Anti-Jew, Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic pro-Islam and terrorist organization, infiltrated and influenced by Islamic hate mongers.
Until 2006, they refused to allow Israel's, Red Shield of David medical service to participate in their organization and did not recognize the Red Star of David symbol (Mogen David Adom – MDA). 
Yet they have allowed the Muslim Red Crescent all along.
Even after "recognition", the MDA symbol is still not allowed anywhere in the world, except in Israel, and even then not in the places where Israel has allowed the Palestinian Authority to have independent rule (that the Islamic Hate mongers call occupation, even though these Arabs were rescued in 1967 by Israel from brutal JORDANIAN occupation) 
Never donate to them.  Donate to the AMERICAN Red Cross only, otherwise you are funding Islamic terrorism.
Better yet, skip the Red cross entirely and donate to the Salvation Army who are really the ones who do the work that the Red Cross takes credit for.
Here the International Red Cross funds tree planting to honor jailed terrorists.
Then tries to weasel out of culpability
The Magen David Adom (Hebrew: מגן דוד אדום‎, abbr. MDA or Mada) is Israel's national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service. The name means "Red Star of David" (literally: "Red Shield of David"). Since June 2006, Magen David Adom has been officially recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as the national aid society of the state of Israel under the Geneva Conventions, and a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The 'Science' of Aliens and three headed Babies

But first, a word from our Sponsor:

If you don't read, hear or watch the news, you are uninformed.  If you do read, hear or watch the news you are dis-informed – to Paraphrase Mark Twain
Believing ANYTHING in the news headlines put out by the Associated Press (AP), (the news source for most media outlets), makes even less sense than believing headlines about Alien abductions and three headed babies. 

In case you did not already know, AP policy allows opinion and speculation to be reported as news in order to compete with Reuters, the other media source that allows speculation and opinion as news.    
AP Headline - UK study: Violence more likely among vets, troops
Does that validate the Anti-War crowd and the Obama administration's myth about Vets being likely terrorists, worse even than the Islamic terrorists man-made disaster mongers, these brave men are keeping from our shores?
But wait!  
One line into the article, we find out that going into combat made NO DIFFERENCE in the rate of violent crime.
 "Instead, a key predictor was violent behavior before enlisting" 
So - drumroll please - violent behavior is a key predictor of more violent behavior.  Yeah! ... huh?
Are you shaking your head now and wondering how much it cost the British Socialist public for that bit of "insight"?  
Logically, since there is no difference in violent crime among Vets vs anyone else and Terrorism is Violent crime - there is no truth to the, vet as a likely "terrorist", scenario.
So what Violence, is this study talking about, that is more likely among Vets? 
Stick and stones can break my bones but words are just as violent?
This study, considered verbal threats as "violence".  
By that standard, elementary schools, at recess, are the most violent places on earth.  lol
According to the World Health Organization (WHO)
Violence is the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against a person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment or deprivation.
Even according to the WHO, violence is not just a verbal threat, but a threat that has a HIGH LIKELIHOOD of actuality.
Risk factors for this "Violence" included getting drunk after returning from combat. 
Getting Drunk and saying stupid things. 
When comparing soldier's "violence" against the rest of the population, their control group was British Crime Statistics.
Not counted or compared are the verbal threats and physical violence at soccer games.  Did you ever watch a soccer game?   Fans tearing down fences, throwing objects.  You tell me if Vets are more dangerous than that.   Nor the 'violence' of words in bars, political arguments and arguments among friends, siblings and neighbors.

Redefining words like 'violence' is the essence of Propaganda, as George Orwell learned from his years at the BBC, who were disseminating war propaganda.
In the scientific world it is publish or perish. Therefore, corners are cut to get headline worthy results by redefining words, manipulating statistics and outright faking of data.
That's why one day coffee is harmful and the next day the best thing in the world for your health.
Junk science.
Ok the study is full of it, so what does the article do?  It bolsters its arguments with speculation from someone who is not even part of the study, mouthing the politically correct line about "Disadvantaged" backgrounds leading to violence.   For further support the reporter quotes the handful of cases of veteran violence in the USA, also NOT PART OF THE STUDY, ignoring all other factors other than being soldiers.. somewhere.
Why is this drivel allowed to be broadcast? 
Because the point of this article is not accuracy as much as it is spreading and reinforcing propaganda, as it is with most "news" articles nowadays.
The scientifically unsupported, implication, of this article, is that the government, (which actually created the poverty in the first place, through promoting a mindset of entitlement, class envy and racial hate and then programs leading to dependency, broken homes, fraud and housing environments, conducive to drugs and crime ), has to interfere, even more, to restore "advantages" and stop those horrible monster troops who return from war against  Muslim  radicals.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Political Mind Control - why data privacy is so important.

Political Parties have become technologically adept at fine tuning your thoughts.   No need for mind rays  (although they did use hypnotic induction in Obama's campaign speeches.) 

Based on the enormous amount of data they collect about you, they know EXACTLY what motivates you and,  EXACTLY what to say to guide your actions to their benefit.

Obama won this last election by being way ahead of the Republicans in mining data and targeting voters.
Funds were raised using guest hosts, based on who was most popular with each demographic, based on movie and television watching data, as also were the placement of ads.
Voters were shamed into voting by Obama's campaign threatening to reveal to their neighbors if they had voted or not.

As we now know, there was also illegal (for the moment) targeting of Conservative groups by the IRS, who denied tax exempt status to 501c's and asked, never before seen, highly intrusive questions that violated Constitutional privacy.  Specifically Conservatives were audited and there is even more to come.  (another good reason to pass the fairest tax and get rid of the IRS).

The underlying reason for ObamaCare, the Patriot act and every other government program that collects data is to win elections and power.
With the Health Data of ObamaCare, Election manipulation will get even more sophisticated leading to an even more totalitarian manipulation.

Newly revealed documents show that the US and British governments have been trying to infiltrate encryption through influencing bad standards and inserting backdoors into hardware and software.
The Occupy movement and Obama's campaign for the rich to pay their "fair share",  was all about manipulating YOU, the "99%", to accept higher taxation on yourselves
That's right.  It was never about taxing the Rich. 

It was about raising everyone's taxes!
Obama and his propaganda scientists know that the Rich can NEVER be squeezed for enough to support the Government's yawning maw of corruption.  It would barely make a dent in the cost of the Federal Government even if you confiscated ALL the wealth of the rich, including from their foundations (that are exempt from taxation).  Only with everyone paying taxes can the government support itself.
All of YOU, are the golden goose that Obama will squeeze.   Thanks to your buying in to class envy, you will feel so good about being plucked that you will even defend the righteousness of this further theft and cynical manipulation of your thoughts.
Income tax - direct confiscation under duress (theft) of your property and wages - was sold like snake oil, to the States ratifying the 16th Amendment, using the same ploy of class envy.
The Politicians promised that only the rich with incomes over $20,000 (the equivalent of a million of today's devalued dollars) would pay at a rate of 1% to a maximum of 7%.  By the time FDR was President, the tax rate was as close to 100% as he could make it.
Ironically, it was a cynical Political Ploy of the Republican party that backfired, which saddled us with this immoral and formerly unconstitutional income theft.   The Republicans pushed for an income tax amendment to defeat a Democrat income tax bill, with the assumption that the States would never ratify such an amendment.    Class envy worked for the Communists to trap their people into tyranny and worked just as well here to trap us into feeding a tyrannical, parasitic government that drains all our efforts and grows fat on our sweat and toil. 
Can you get morally outraged that Jealousy, Envy and the Lust for Political Power is the foundation for OUR government?
But wait, there's more
Even with everyone paying tax, there is not enough booty confiscated to pay for the Politician's spending.
So they borrow money against future taxes on you and your children.
Like a Bank mortgage, the government has a lien on all your future income and part of your children's too.
That means, like a mortgaged house that is deeded to the bank until you pay back the loan, the Federal Government owns your income.
That's why you hear Politicians say that people who don't pay their taxes are stealing from the government.   The Mafia used to say the same thing about not paying "protection" money. 
But really it is akin to identity theft.
The government thugs took out loans, without your consent or signature, on all your wealth and your future wealth.
Now you are on the hook to pay back the money for all the goodies the thieves bought for themselves on your credit card.
If you don't pay, the government mob enforcers at the IRS will break your legs (figuratively).
But wait, there's more
Even with borrowing trillions of dollars, there is not enough booty to pay for the Politician's continued profligate spending.
So the Federal Reserve steals more money from your savings account, home and pocket without your knowledge.
They do this by controlling the value of the Federal Reserve Note, we call a dollar, sitting in your savings, home and your pocket.
Think of the Fed note as a balloon.
The Fed can make more balloons but they have no air in them. (The same way that they can print new Fed notes but they represent no value.)
Since the Fed has their hand on the valve that controls the air in your balloon, all they have to do is let a little air out of your balloon and use it to fill up their, newly made, balloons.
In the same fashion, the Fed sucks value from your dollar to fund the new dollars they print for the government to spend.
It is the same as if the government cut a piece off every paper dollar and reassembled the pieces into new dollars.
Or, if the government snipped a piece off of every coin and melted the pieces down to form new coins for the government to spend.
They call this theft of your assets, Quantitative Easing and other incomprehensible names and divert your attention with complicated figures about Money Supply and other accounting tricks.
Bottom line: Prices are based on the amount of air in your balloon (or value in your Fed Note). If there is less air in each balloon, you will have to fork over more balloons to buy stuff.
Prices inflate because your balloon deflates (lost air).
Prices inflate because your Fed Notes deflate (lost value).
But wait, there's more
The 16th amendment violates the 4th Amendment which protects the right to privacy of personal data (paper in those days) from unreasonable search or seizure.
It is physically impossible to make sure people are paying their income tax, without the IRS prying into and searching through private data.
Facebook and Google pry into our correspondence such as Emails, requests for information and purchase records. 
All our data should be private. If the government wants it, it must be by warrant based on it's reasonable use.
Police misuse of data is already prohibited. Health records are protected by privacy laws, (that will be sidestepped by ObamaCare.)
Elections and power is not a valid use of our data.  Therefore, data should remain private and not accessible by Politicians.
The Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizure of letters and documents (which were the only data storage formats at that time) and should also cover electronic data.

Privacy of Data is your only defense against Political Mind Control.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do Something, doo doo

The President and his fellow, nagging nanny, hypocritical Hollywood and Political Elites are propagandizing in support of "Doing Something" about guns.
"Doing Something" is not a solution.  "Doing Something" is the primitive automatic response of the body to fear.   Fight or flight.
By "something" they mean their, emotionally based and intellectually barren, "brilliant" solution.
Reasonable, emotionally mature people, don't assume their ideas are brilliant and just run with them.
Reasonable people don't act when they are overwrought.  They stop, breathe and give it some thought.  
Unless you are in imminent physical danger, doing 'something' is exactly the opposite course that needs to be taken.
Wise and conscientious people don't just do something, they do the best thing. 

The root of gun murder is not the gun, it is the Person with the following characteristics:
A "Do Something" mentality that acts on Emotion.
An arrogant stupidity that doesn't think through any idea because – it's their idea, so it must be right. 
A lack of Judeo-Christian moral boundaries, that would have kept the idea of murder from even being thought of in the first place.
It is not the violence in games, TV and the movies that inspire murder.  It is not playing with toy guns.
People with Judeo-Christian guidelines to morality, who view those fantasy stories, get past the initial visceral response.
People with those guidelines realize it is acting and not a call to "act out".  They can separate fantasy from reality.
It is the people, who lack those guidelines, who are inspired to kill in real life. 
TV and movies reflect the culture. 
Fix the culture.  Restore Judeo Christian American values (that does not mean Religious rituals).
The purpose of Religion, ethics, morality and principles of civilization is to to brake that primitive, fight or flight, response with our reasoning and intelligence.
We need an outside standard because we do not have instinctual programming to tell us what is good or bad.   We have free choice and no internal compass.
Therefore, we need moral Boundaries to be placed in our minds, where our thoughts should not go.
We have to develop a conscience and wisdom that will guide our actions to do the best thing.
The only standard that has proven to work is the Judeo-Christian one transmitted to us by a higher authority.
Ethical culture and secular morality is not enough. 
Rational Justifications, and the arrogance that we know, easily break flimsy secular morality and boundaries.
Why shouldn't you murder if there is no higher standard than a Human one. 
People aren't precious.  They pollute, they make war... they're racist and cruel.
People suck, why not kill them all.   They have a right to live? Says who?
You think that people won't murder because they'll go to jail?
That is an external control and only effective in a complete Police State.
Without self-control, a person who thinks they can get away with it, will murder. 
If man is the standard then the superior man can murder the inferior.  
Genetic superiority, cultural superiority have all been excuses used to commit mass murder.
Might makes right.
The reason we don't murder is because:
Humans have a right to life, endowed by a higher source than Humanity.
Murder has consequences that you can't always see.   You can not figure out the bigger picture of this Universe and creation.
We are not the pinnacle and the all knowing.    

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Free at First" not "Free at last"

Why don't Politicians like cold weather?
When it's cold, they have to keep their hands in their own pockets.

Today is Martin Luther King day.
Ironically it is also the inauguration day of a President elected, based on outward appearances and not the content of his character.
Thanks to God Almighty, we were Free at First, not at last. 
All human beings are endowed with Natural Rights among which, but not limited to, are free choice, life, and liberty.
No civil right is granted by government that was not based on an already endowed Natural right.
No right was ever granted by the Constitution.
The "Bill of rights" is actually a "Bill of Constraints" on the government from violating Natural rights.
The "Civil Rights Act" is a misnomer for anti-discrimination laws, used to force schools and business to integrate, based on arbitrary racial quotas.
Forced busing destroyed neighborhoods and plummeted the learning at both integrated and segregated schools.
Government interference, based on yet another power not granted in the Constitution, did not end prejudice and it did not end discrimination based on race.
It merely instituted another racial discrimination, based on a racial quota against people of a whiter shade of skin.
These laws criminalized anyone who did not meet certain statistically flawed government assumptions in hiring and other practices.
Government interference prolonged racial discrimination, just as it prolonged the "Great Depression".
We individuals, have a duty not to discriminate against someone, based on any form of prejudice, for moral and social reasons and not by government edict.
The people who marched and protested, MLK's Martyrdom, cultural change, peer pressure and a new generation ingrained against racial prejudice was what ended discrimination against blacks, not the "Civil Rights Act". 
Prejudices continues today.  The prevailing prejudices have been redefined so that we effectively don't see them as such.
Instead of racial prejudice against Blacks, today we have racial prejudice against Whites and political prejudice against Republicans and the so called "right wing".
Prejudices are "knee Jerk" responses, based on an entrenched habit of thinking, formed with improper information.
People discriminate falsely based on prejudice and fears which are not based in reality.
People discriminate falsely, based on misinformation and lies spread through negative parental and social influence, rumors, gossip and Political propaganda.
However, people must discriminate truly, based on reality and not lose the ability to discriminate through false education or arbitrary law.

On a quick tangent, can people discriminate what is true or false in the language of the President's inauguration speech? 
It is not the deficit we need to reduce, it is the Debt; and therefore not an excuse to raise taxes and keep spending.  
It is not Climate change we must evaluate, it is Global Warming, which has proved not to be scientifically true and therefore needs no laws and response.  
The Constitution is not "a never ending Journey" that must adapt to the times but rather a clear path we need to follow to get us through the corruption of these times safely.
Can they tell if the President said anything from his heart or merely fluff and high sounding, empty words.
Did they notice what is truly inspired and moving, like Kelly Clarkson's incredible rendition of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" and what is crushing like Chuck Schumer's quick "Wow" dismissing the emotional impact of her singing that overshadowed the President's prior words - just words - and cutting off any applause that might have lasted and showed up the President.

It is interesting to note that the people who cry racism so often, both Black and White, were never discriminated against, nor did they witness discrimination.
They grew up in the Northeast or the West Coast or a State - sometimes even Canada - where there was no history of slavery or racism against blacks.
White Racism is an imaginary bugaboo; yet another non-reality based prejudice, they have been programmed to believe is true.
Case in point of a false prejudice: the two very liberal pundits Juan Williams and Bob Beckel, are daily on FOX news, which according to the prejudice - spread even by the President - is the supposed enemy of all that is liberal.
Let me tell you the reality of racism and being discriminated against. 
My parents experienced first hand the Nazi Holocaust, the ultimate in racism in the 20th Century. 
(The most well known, that is.  The original Holocaust, which Hitler copied, was committed by the Muslims against the Armenian people)
My parents actually bore the brunt of racism and being discriminated against.
What led up to that abomination was the same type of, peer and government propaganda supported, prejudicial belief in an imaginary story as is being spread by today's false prejudices.
I relived my Parent's childhood discrimination, for being Jewish, every day; and not just from their stories.
Every day I walked home from school and was either in fear of, or in actuality, being taunted, having my Yarmulke, which they called a beanie copter, taken from of my head - ripping out the bobby pins that held it securely and taking my hair with it - and then having them play monkey in the middle with me as they tossed my "copter" between them and yelled "Hey Hymie, come and get it".  Once in a while they even added in a beating.
No neighbor ever stopped it.  They shared the same prejudice based on the false information that Jews Killed Christ and were greedy, evil Shylocks.
The one time my father happened to come home and saw me getting beaten up, he walked away.
He later told me, I had brought it on myself somehow by not being inconspicuous enough, as a Jew must be, even here in America. 
Neither I, nor my family had anything to do with slavery of blacks, but I was "White". 
After a visit to my black friends in Harlem, Manhattan, on the way to the subway for home, I was chased by Black Teens yelling:
"You don't belong here, White boy", 
"We gonna kill you Whitey",
"Yeah, you better run". 
These were teenagers in NYC who had NEVER experienced white prejudice. 
Nevertheless, they were brought up with the lie that all white people are racists who are responsible for keeping them down.
White Racism exists in the minds of the propagandized.  Black racism and prejudice against whites is real. 
Islamic racism against blacks, Jews, Americans and non-Muslims is real (Islamic slavery of blacks and women still thrives).
How many prejudices are spread to keep us all divided?  Women seeing all men as monsters.  Gays and Liberals hating Christians and Republicans.  The non-religious hating Religion and therefore all morality. There are so many more.
Time to see through the fog of lies and unite to restore a government of the people not over the people.

Why do people hate Jews?
There is an old joke about an elderly Jewish man reading a neo-Nazi paper with a big smile on his face.
His neighbor, aghast, comes up to him.
"Mendel, Oy Vey, why are you reading that?"
Mendel answers with a grin.
"Yitzie, my good friend. 
I was so depressed reading the Jewish paper, what with all the stories of synagogue burnings and swastikas painted.
But then I picked up this paper and... wonderful news.  The Jews have all the money.  We control America..."
Anti-Semitism starts when Jews are associated with an enemy. 
During the Islamic conquests, after the Muslims took over a country, they spread the false rumor that the Jews were in cahoots with the Muslims, to prevent the Jews and Christians from getting together to overthrow their Islamic Tyranny.  
Within Catholic circles the rumor that the Jews were aligned with the devil and had killed god was spread.  Christian kings said the Jews brought on disease and pestilence and drank the blood of Christian babies. 
The Nazis spread the false libel that the Jews were responsible for the economic collapse of Germany and in league with the Communist enemy. 
Islamic governments still foment hatred against Jews with the same lies.  Jews are responsible for economic woe.  Jews run the world and control the hated enemy United States. (unfortunately Mohammed's hatred at being rejected by the Jews is ingrained in their Religion and will never end)  

Prejudice based on an actual bad experience, like my Parent's prejudice against Non-Jews, is a form of PTSD.

Prejudice based on lies is the worst form of prejudice and it is still prevalent in the broken and corrupt government system, that in name only is the United States.  Politicans fan prejudices to keep the people from Uniting and restoring the uncorrupted system of the founders and ousting today's Political Party monarchy.