Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Myth of the Islamic Lone Wolf and the Grassroots Protest

In every violent protest and riot, the boots on the ground do not come from the Roots in the ground.

Communities do not, out of nowhere, come together, with professionally made or fake "Home-Made" signs, to scream, chant, throw stones, toss Molotov cocktails or loot and burn.

The only way a violent protest or riot comes to be is through organizing and staffing by, mostly professional, rabble rousing groups; funded by individuals, companies, governments, factions and other self interest entities.

Black Lives DO NOT matter to the Black Lives Matter 'movement'.  Ending War never mattered to the Anti-War organizers.  What matters is fomenting racial, political, religious and other divisions and cranking up generational anger and hatred.   Disruption of society is their agenda with the goal being to weaken the country and allow these organizers to gain or claim power.

Any positive, that comes from these organized events, is merely a small by-product of a larger negative goal.

Rarely, and only, in the case of peaceful civil disobedience, the goal and the result are close to being in sync.  Civil Rights, Gay rights, Peaceful Marches etc.


There is no Lone Wolf Islamic Terrorist.  The Islamic pack may be out of sight but, make no mistake, the Islamic pack educated, motivated and in some cases actively trained that "Lone Wolf".

The motivation is ALWAYS directly due to the teachings of Islam according to the blueprint of 'righteous" Muslim action contained in the Hadith (Stories passed down through many mouths, filtered from the thousands of counterfeit stories, then claimed to be "true" accounts of Muhammad's life , despite obviously contradictory accounts.  After years elevated, by the concrete of tradition, to the status to holy scripture.  A Holy blueprint which, due to the contradictions both of stories and what is written in the Koran, must be obeyed on faith only, without logic or reason).

The major reasons for the "lone wolf" narrative and the usual search for their "Motivation" is so as not to scare people away from tourism, bribes and media investments by Saudi Arabia and its Sheikhs and princes, not to piss off our Islamic "Allies" and to fit into false Political claims of Winning in the War of Islam against the world.        

Sunday, August 7, 2016

How do we Judge Law?

The government passed law that a baker can not refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple.  But he can refuse to decorate it.  

If a Muslim Terrorist came into the bakery, after he blew up 300 babies and children, raped their mothers and cut the testicles off the Police, I would have to bake a celebratory cake according to Law

After all we can't discriminate based on race or religion according to law.  If he was a gay Muslim would that clinch it?  What if he blew off a leg.  Now he's handicapped too.

If he were a Republican Muslim Jihadist would it be OK to refuse service?     Democrats might think so.  What about refusing Donald Trump?

You think I am kidding?  There are people out there who would say you have to bake the cake.  And others that you don't.  And the Law?  It would go to the Supreme Court.

Is it moral to refuse service to someone that your religion tells you is a sinner?  Is it moral to force the baker to serve the customer he despises?

There is no answer because the United states Mores are nowhere to be found and therefore useless as a guide.  that is why you have so many opinions and in the end force is used based on what the ruling Political Party feels they can get away with to get re-elected.

That is not morality, it is corruption of the entire concept of moral standards.

When kids are arrested in elementary school for DRAWING a stick picture of a gun or making a gun outline with their fingers, it should be a red flag taller than Mount Everest that this society is broken, with no standards or common sense to operate by, other that what is Politically trendy.

IMO no law that Congress or the Supreme court has passed (Yes Supreme Court decisions are effectively creating law by rejiggering the meaning of words in the Constitution and it's Amendments and creating something new)  under the influence of  Political bias are valid.  

There would be no need for enforcement of Law if there were real standards that we could all agree on and base our judgement on.
But that Libertarian idea is impossible without those standards.  And without teaching those standards to our children and not allowing anyone into office that does not respect those standards.

“Politics is not a separate field in itself. Political ideas do not come out of thin air. They are the result of the moral premises which men have accepted. Whatever people believe to be the good, right and proper Human actions – that will determine their Political actions“. – Ayn Rand Screen Guide For Americans

Here is my contribution to defining those standards for the United States.   See what you think.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Left are not Right and the Right are Left out on the Reality of Islam

The Democrat talking point is that the Muslim mass murderer of Orlando was self-radicalized.  Of course there is no such thing.  They interpret his pledge of allegiance to multiple Shia and Sunni Genocidal Islamic groups to mean that he is confused.
Sorry No YOU politicians are confused.  The Islamic mass murderer knows the reality that every one of these Genocidal groups are the same.  They are Islam.  He pledged his life to Islam.    
Why the twisting of reality by Politicians who should know better?   The obvious reason is the bribing of Politicians by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, that are enabling the genocide, so that Islam won't be stopped.    Then there is oil,
  •  selling military equipment to Muslim countries, 
  • Anti-Judaism, 
  • a President who was raised a Muslim, 
  • military bases we need.
  • the Politically correct idiocy that we aren't supposed to generalize or discriminate against any religion and we might have random attacks on "innocent' Muslims,  
  • that Obastard told us that terrorism is under control
and all the stupid 'head in the sand' morons who control the government etc..  But there is another hidden reason, These so-called Terrorist groups are actually committing Genocide according to how it is defined by the UN.  

The International Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide on December 9, 1948 set the United Nations definition of genocide: 
General Assembly Resolution 260A (III) Article 2 In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: 

(a) Killing members of the group; 
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; 
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; 
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; 
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

All countries who belong to the United Nations are legally bound to stop Genocide and those that enable genocide.  That could be the third world war with Muslim monsters who have nuclear weapons. 
On another note there is the gun control agenda that ironically is being used as a weapon in the Presidential election.
Presidunce OBummer says that Republicans are putting weapons in the hands of ISIS because they voted down his gun control bills. Putting aside that there are already background checks on gun sales, who says ISIS would be stupid enough to buy Guns here and try to get them out of the country? And...they don't need to buy ANY guns. By Leaving Iraq The OBooBoo not only put guns directly into the hands of ISIS but also Hummers, Tanks, Grenades, explosives and millions of dollars of vehicles, ammunition , night scope, gun vests and basically CREATED ISIS.
He believes you are so stupid that you will believe this illogical nonsense about his gun control. Unfortunately there are many whose critical thinking has been shut down by propaganda who do believe that and could be influenced in their vote.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Aversion to Capitalism, Wall Street, the 1%, the "Rich" Aversion to the 'dirty' JEW.

The hatred of Capitalism, private property, making a lot of money and being wealthy is not rational.  The wealthy use their capital to create business that creates the jobs, inventions and progress.  They are the linchpin of prosperity.

This hatred is emotional and is based on a deep seated prejudice against the Jew, which has been passed down the generations via the Christian and Islamic myths about the Jew and what was deemed to be "Jewish" whcih were accepted as truth.   It now pervades our Culture and is accepted as truth.   Money and private Property were considered Jewish and therefore vile.

Karl Marx, a Jew whose family had converted to Christianity,  reveals that prejudice when he wrote in 1844 on the 'Jewish Question' of whether conversion to Christianity would emancipate the Jew from their legal status so they could become citizens of Germany.  He postulated that conversion could neither emancipate the Jew nor Free Germany of Judaism.  His argument being that since some of the basic tools used by individuals to relate to the world, such as Capital and private Property, were considered to be Jewish, therefore those tools produce 'Jewishness' in those who make use of them.   So even non Jewish societies can produce Judaism if they maintain private property and Capital.

The hatred of Capitalism and Private property is clearly associated with hatred of the Jew.

This association in Western Society was fostered throughout much of the reign of the church where usury was forbidden to Christians. This left the Jew to be the one who risked their Capital to make loans so business could exist and economies flourish.  There was always a balance between hatred of the Jew and indulgence towards the Jew and his Capital.  Once flourishing, and seemingly no longer due to the Jew and his capital, and therefore no longer necessary, the hatred and scapegoating of the Jew would carry more weight than the necessity of the Jew and Capitalism.  It was common, at that point, for the Jews to be exiled from the country and their Capital seized and 're-distributed'.

Social Justice!

Many a Christian's fealty to the Monarch, Church and government arose out of this Re-distribution of wealth from the 'dirty Jew, Christ Killer' to the 'virtuous, pious, saved' Christian Noble and Knight and even a trickle of largess to keep the peasants happy. (Feasts, Public Holidays, in modern times free cheese and government programs, ostensibly, for the poor but really to keep them placated and create a large bureaucracy once again buying their fealty to the ruling elite.)

For all time the stigma of Jew Hatred has been associated with Money, private property, Capitalism, business, and today wall street, the Rich and the 1%, while re-distribution e.g. Government theft of wealth and property from the Capitalist (Dirty Jew) was associated with Nobility, Charity and Justice.

It is ironic to see Bernie Sanders , a Jew , keeping himself as poor as possible so  he can remain Noble and not the be a Capitalist (Dirty Jew).

Appendix A:
Conversely the Jew would be blamed for poor economic times and their property seized overtly ...or covertly... through devaluation of the currency - which was assumed Jews/Capitalist/Rich held more of than anyone else - and 're-distributed' as in modern times, Hitler, Stalin, the United States and every other Socialist dictatorship did.   (That's right the USA is a Socialist Dictatorship ruled by the Political Party with the majority of seats in the government that re-distributes through overt theft and covertly through devaluation of the currency)

Jews continue to be blamed for everything and hated in 56 Islamic countries

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Obama Terrorist "refugee" Animal Farm - All Religions are equal But Islam is more equal than others

Obama is supporting Islamic terrorist world wide.  In the latest case Obama misappropriated our tax money to defend Muslims in a PRIVATE legal dispute.

Two Muslim "Refugees", e.g. planted by Islamic Terrorist groups, as part of establishing precedents for Sharia Law taking over in all countries, sued their employer with Obama's financial support  (Our money, not his) in front of an Obama appointed Judge (E.G. as part of Obama's evil or unwitting support of Islam) and won a case that should never have even been tried.

These two Islamic Terrorist plants took a job delivering that required delivering Alcohol and then refused to make deliveries claiming alcohol consumption is prohibited by Islam and delivery was violated their Religious beliefs.  Consumption not delivery and also refused to take routes that did not include alcohol deliveries.

But Christian bakers that refused to bake cakes for those that violated their religious beliefs? Or Christians who do not support abortions? Sorry they have not rights under Obama.  Whether or not you support their positions, all are supposed to be equal under the Law.  But the lawless Presidents have established Federal Bureaucracies like the EEOC to become dictators and impose their Political and Religious beliefs on the public, in violation of the first Amendment and morality in general.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Obama FBI reveals ,to Islamic terrorists, a new precaution to hide their phone data

Yes once again the OBooBoo and his Political hacks have screwed us just a bit further.

It is now Public knowledge that the iPhone, even without a password, can be re-connected by turning on a wifi, already know to the phone, and an automatic backup to the iCloud can be done overnight.   So now Islamic terrorists will not only wipe their backups but also their wifi connections.

Congratulations! One more win for the Muslim raised Obama in his bumbling support of Islamic Domination.