Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Myth of the Islamic Lone Wolf and the Grassroots Protest

In every violent protest and riot, the boots on the ground do not come from the Roots in the ground.

Communities do not, out of nowhere, come together, with professionally made or fake "Home-Made" signs, to scream, chant, throw stones, toss Molotov cocktails or loot and burn.

The only way a violent protest or riot comes to be is through organizing and staffing by, mostly professional, rabble rousing groups; funded by individuals, companies, governments, factions and other self interest entities.

Black Lives DO NOT matter to the Black Lives Matter 'movement'.  Ending War never mattered to the Anti-War organizers.  What matters is fomenting racial, political, religious and other divisions and cranking up generational anger and hatred.   Disruption of society is their agenda with the goal being to weaken the country and allow these organizers to gain or claim power.

Any positive, that comes from these organized events, is merely a small by-product of a larger negative goal.

Rarely, and only, in the case of peaceful civil disobedience, the goal and the result are close to being in sync.  Civil Rights, Gay rights, Peaceful Marches etc.


There is no Lone Wolf Islamic Terrorist.  The Islamic pack may be out of sight but, make no mistake, the Islamic pack educated, motivated and in some cases actively trained that "Lone Wolf".

The motivation is ALWAYS directly due to the teachings of Islam according to the blueprint of 'righteous" Muslim action contained in the Hadith (Stories passed down through many mouths, filtered from the thousands of counterfeit stories, then claimed to be "true" accounts of Muhammad's life , despite obviously contradictory accounts.  After years elevated, by the concrete of tradition, to the status to holy scripture.  A Holy blueprint which, due to the contradictions both of stories and what is written in the Koran, must be obeyed on faith only, without logic or reason).

The major reasons for the "lone wolf" narrative and the usual search for their "Motivation" is so as not to scare people away from tourism, bribes and media investments by Saudi Arabia and its Sheikhs and princes, not to piss off our Islamic "Allies" and to fit into false Political claims of Winning in the War of Islam against the world.        

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