Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't follow the bouncing ball? Steal it.

Trying to control the Economy is like trying to control the Weather. 

Without an accurate forecast where do you even start?  Do you dare do anything? 
It's like trying to steer a car with opaque glass.
Before you make any changes you need to know where the thing is going.
Without a clear view the car or the economy will likely crash and burn.

It is impossible to collect sufficient information to make a forecast for more than a short time into the future.  Even if your data is accurate there is a limit to how much information you can collect and calculate in time before everything changes and you need to recalculate.

If you can only predict a few minutes into the future with the system as is, then you certainly can't know with any precision what effect any changes you add to the system will have.  

Weather forecasts are updated by the minute.  How often is legislation, regulation and law updated?  Weather forecasting need constant feedback from thousands of sensors.
Government systems have no such capacity.     

To determine whether to use an umbrella I look out the window every so often. 
The standard for umbrella opening is if it's raining or if I think it will rain.  My standard would not be an umbrella law at the National Level.  Most business regulations make about as much sense. 

If I drop a rubber ball down my stairs I can reasonably tell you where it's headed after it hits the street.  There are only a small amount of interactions and I can figure out by myself what effect they will have on my ball.  I can even plan how to drop the ball so it bounces right into Mr. Busybody's coffee mug.

But if everyone on the block drops a ball into the street it is extremely difficult to predict where any individual ball is headed or to know quickly enough how to influence an outcome. 
If the goal is to prevent collisions let's say, then as an individual taking care of my ball, I can  determine if I need to run after my ball and pick it up, kick it, stop it, blow on it or even throw another ball at it based on what I see. So can any of the other individuals. Voila no collisions.  That is the Free Market.
What if I tried to take care of two balls at once. Maybe I could squeak through if the balls are close together.  Three?  Forget it.  A street full?  Maybe when pigs fly!

Imagine how hard it is to make up a general rule for all balls to avoid collisions.  Just trying to calculate with three balls stumped mathematicians for hundreds of years.  Calculating a Street full or an economy full or a global economy full is impossible.  The variations are literally close to infinite.  You have to break the calculation down to small sets of information.   That is why government regulations can never take the place of the free market made up of intelligent individuals.

Did you ever plan a vacation?  Flights, clothing, packing, coordinating schedules, parking, security checks, passports, excursions, tempers, frustration, motion sickness, medications, pictures, phone cards, gifts etc.  There are so many things to get right just for a week. 
Could you handle planning your neighbor's vacation while you plan yours?  How about planning your whole block's vacation?  If that makes your hair turn gray do you really think a few Politicians can plan millions of vacations, much less millions of businesses?

Socialism is a pipe dream.  Don't get hooked.

Think of the game of pool. Think of the break.  Can you predict where each ball will roll after the break?  It's easy enough to predict when you hit one ball into another.   But it gets progressively harder when you try hitting one ball to move a third and unbelievably hard to predict where the fourth ball hit by the third will go.

Imagine if all the balls are in motion.  Now try making a shot.

But what if each ball could steer and find the pocket on their own.  That's the free market.  If you do nothing you will have a perfect score.  Any control you exert will likely mess up the correct trajectory of the balls.

Government can best help the economy by staying out of it. 

But they don't.  Because they realized they can cheat.  They can't control the system so they break it.  If they cover up some of the pockets (through regulations) then all the balls divert into their pocket.  Better yet steal the balls before they even get on the table (Wage and Payroll taxes). 

Socialism is a corruption of the economy and theft of wealth. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The cream doesn't rise in a Homogenized Society

Why we still have fear based governance. 

Most people can't adapt to the world so they try to adapt the world to themselves by controlling it or they hide from it in a group of like minded people that create their own reality.

Those that want to control the world want a big powerful government with absolute authority and a dependent populace. They become Kings, Dictators, Socialists, Democrats, Corrupted Republicans, Fascists, Communists, United Nations and various other collectivists that grow government and kill independence.

Those that want to run away from the world gravitate to the controllers because they feel safe in a group where everyone is forced to think alike and act alike. They want everyone to be controlled because at least then they know the rules. The more powerful the leader the better because the rules won't change. The world of individuals and possibilities is too scary to them.

There has always been and still is a desire to make a world government and a desire to make a world Islamist State.

This is a weakness of Humanity that we have not addressed. It is the root cause of all economic chaos, wars, poverty and can rightly be called the root of all evil.

The capable, independent, smart, moral, compassionate, loving winners are in the minority.

Those that are virtuous and qualified don't seek power so we eventually get a government of the Stupid by the Stupid for the Stupid.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look what snuck in to America

We all know about criminal aliens who sneak into our Country and commit crimes.
We hear of the crimes in the news and see their pictures.
Yet they still they encroach into our country.

How much more so have criminal alien ideologies, unseen and unreported crept into our Society?

Communism/Socialism has usurped our government.  Have you finally noticed that we have lost most of our freedom and prosperity?

Have you opened your eyes yet to the threat of Islam's tyranical political and legal system called Sharia that has already enslaved almost 60 countries?

Obama was raised as a Muslim and a Communist by his parents.
His cabinet and friends are former radical revolutionaries and current Communists and leftists.
His policies are written by a leftist organization funded by George Soros.
The church where he "Converted" to Christianity is an extremist one that preaches hatred for America, Marxism, reparations to blacks from whites through transforming America to Socialism (Black Liberation Theology) and is headed by a former Muslim, Reverend Wright.

At a minimum he is biased towards Islam and Communism!

Witness his Socialist and Anti-Israel policies.
Obama-care which has already raised the cost of health insurance 40%.  It proceeds unimpeeded by Obama even though it has been ruled unconstitutional.
Trillions in debt for bailouts, welfare and political payoffs,
NASA outreach to Muslims instead of space missions.
Bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia.
The speech in Cairo where he promised to take care of the Israel problem after he finished pushing through health reform.
Ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Middle East.
Crushing Qadaffi when it looked like he might win against the Muslim Brotherhood rebels.

Just to mention a few.

America is based on the values and society set up by Moses.
Endowed, inalienable, Individual liberty and responsibility based on Judeo-Christian values.

We must reject and remove the totalitarian values that have taken control of our society and restore the original governmental systems based on those values.

To do so the States will have to repeal Socialist Constitutional amedments like the 16th and give States the power with a 2/3 majority to repeal any Federal Legislation, Law or regulation, among other restorative changes.

What can you do? Make sure you and the Politician you vote for implement the plan to Restore what is good about America at

Write your Congressman, Senator and friends and tell them to read it and push towards a Constitutional Vote!