Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WEFT - The station that doesn't speak your language

If you redefine a lie as truth then repeating it is telling the truth.

Democrats/Socialists/Leftists manipulate language so they can say they are telling the truth about their lie. 

You have to parse their language and not accept what they say at face value because they don't speak your language.

In normal English Fair and Balanced means presenting all sides.

In Left-Speak Fair and Balanced means only their views. 

Presenting any other view is bias.  That's how they can say Fox news which presents both Liberal and Conservative views is biased and mean it.

Bi-Partisan to a Democrat means when both sides support what the Democrats want.  It does not mean compromise from the Democrat side or even listening to anything the Republicans say.

When they say Republicans have no alternative plan, they mean Republicans will not be allowed to present any plan and even if they did Democrats wouldn't listen.

When Obama says you won't see a dime in new taxes we think that means he won't raise taxes.  What he means is that you won't see the taxes he will raise.   They use Hidden taxes like inflation or taxes that affect business which raise your prices.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

America is not a wealthy country.

Obama and other Socialists say that a wealthy country like America should provide for all its people. Isn't that moral? Isn't that Social Justice? Perhaps... if it were true.

However. America is not a wealthy country. It is a country that has wealthy individuals!

The Country's so called wealth is taken by force from its wealthy individuals.

It would be more accurate to say that the minority who have power in government has pirated a wealth of booty that they will distribute to placate the masses and keep themselves in power.

Theft is not moral! Stolen wealth corrupts the individuals who distribute it who think the wealth belongs to them and by giving politicians the power to control individuals.

It corrupts and disturbs the markets into which it is distributed thus making it harder for the individuals to produce wealth.

It corrupts the individuals who receive it. They didn't learn a useable skill, make contacts, gain experience nor accumulate the wisdom and the maturity that comes from the process of earning. It is not duplicatable and they become dependent on the largess of the politician. They still live in fear. Easy come easy go.

Social justice is not built on theft! Social Justice is built on individuals and their communities taking care of each other VOLUNTARILY!

Forced Social Justice is merely violence. Force takes away free will and defeats the purpose of our existence. Force is slavery. Force is immoral.

Throughout history, the same rationalization for sanctioning theft to provide charity has been used to sanction theft to provide for soldier's pay and to sanction rape to provide for soldier's health. Not to mention sterilization and racial murder.

Socialism is Tyranny and we have it. Will you allow it to continue?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Donald Duck Socialist propaganda. Pay your taxes.

A Patriot Pays their taxes!
In the 1940's estimated income taxes were the norm... and so was not having to pay them.

Needing more money the Government passed the Victory Tax Act that added a direct tax on Payroll and withholding of wages.  To get the people to accept this forced confiscation, the government asked Disney  to create this WWII Donald Duck Propaganda Cartoon that associated paying income tax with patriotism. 

Pay your taxes to bury the Axis!

Income Taxes were unconstitutional until 1913 and are still immoral.  The propaganda today to get us to willingly pay up is the same, only now it's the war on poverty, the environment and the latest so called "Crisis".

Propaganda is designed to placate us so we don't revolt against the Thieves in our government like our founding father's did against England's income tax of, hold on to your seats... 3% - 5%.

Here is Mike Church's parody of  Mrs. Robinson,  Here's to you Mr. Jefferson

Think National Socialism (Nazi) or a less fatal form of it can't happen here?
Here is a cautionary tale of Donald Duck in the "worker's paradise". Will the founding principles of America be upheld, or will we lose the remaining scraps of our freedom to Big Government and the Great Leader?

Here is the full length song from Spike Jones. Laugh in relief that this didn't happen here but don't forget that German's were seduced into giving up their freedom (and eventually overlooking genocide) by National Socialism's other give aways: Social Security Pensions, Public Education, Universal Health Care, Government regulation of business for worker safety, Managing economic crisis, Unemployment insurance, Welfare, Guaranteed civil service jobs and pretty much the same platform as today's Politicians.

If Fascism comes to America it will not be in Brown and Black shirt's it will not be with Jack Boots. It will be in Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. - Liberal Fascism

American Government's soft tyranny

Think there is a big difference between Republicans and Democrats?
Democrats want Big Government and forcing you to obey their values.
Republicans want a smaller Big Government and forcing you to obey their values.
Politicians want power, control and their security no matter the party.
Our constitution tried to prevent all three with separation of powers, keeping politicians out of your pockets and limiting their tenure. George Washington warned us strongly against the party system.
Politicians have danced around the limits that the Constitution placed on their power and control and consolidated their power into two major parties.

Now we are going the way of every other country. Either we correct their abuses or we will fall into tyranny, albeit soft.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Democrats buy your vote with money stolen from a minority

Democrats (Socialists) buy your votes with money they have robbed from minorities and justify it by fostering prejudice!

Everything evil they preach against, they commit; and you are party to their evil.

The minority in this case is the so called "Rich" that the left has demonized as evil. They tell you that it's OK to take their "ill gotten gains". Shouldn't they pay their "fair share"?
Demonizing and fostering prejudice is exactly the methods used by the Nazis to allow stealing from and then killing the Jews, the sick, homosexual, inferior races etc. Or the Ku -Klux Klan to justify lynching blacks. Or the Islamists to allow killing women and children in the USA, Israel, Britain, India etc.

Evil is never OK or justified and you always pay the price.
Re-distributing money is theft! If you take it you are a partner in crime!
And so you are paying the penalty even though you don't realize it. The penalty is slavery to the Socialists. You have given control to their government regulations and lost your individual freedom. Soon you will lose the freedom to think as an individual.

The USA is the new Soviet Union.

Straight from Karl Marx, the Democrats' system for control is the "progressive" income tax. But isn't that the fairest way? Those that have more should pay more?

The dirty little secret is that the Rich pay the majority of the taxes even with a flat or consumption tax so there is no justification for a progressive income tax other than it's ability to control you through tax "Breaks".

That's right, the Democrat-Socialists tricked you into putting on the hidden chains of the Progressive tax by saying it's just for the rich. The hidden part of their bargain is that you must vote for them and so are tied to them forever.

As long as the Democrats keep their voter's tax burden low or free they get to keep power.

They push welfare but it is their own and not yours they care about.

Our country was founded on individual effort and individual reward and risk. We stand for individual freedom or fall for Socialist bargains with the Devil.

So what, you say, I don't have to pay any taxes if I vote Democrat. What's wrong with that? Aside from being the recipient of stolen money and the ill effects of an entitlement mentality you are actually paying taxes and you don't know it. The wealth the Socialist steal/collect from the rich isn't enough to pay for their spending. They tax you at a much higher rate that you would ever pay with a fair or flat tax through inflation and all the other hidden taxes that are passed on to you in the price of goods and services.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Socialism is for Kids

Socialism is for children not yet capable of surviving in the real world.

It is the T-Ball training for the major leagues of the Free Market competition and Individual Achievement.

Socialism protects from the rigors of competition but also limits individual achievement.
Would we have a Mickey Mantle or a Cal Ripken if they were forced to play with third graders?

Socialism, like T-ball, is not enough of a challenge to those with more mature skills and will stunt individual growth.

As Children we need to be equal, get rewarded even for small steps, learn to "share and share alike" and dumb down rules to the lowest common denominator. We need an artificially safe environment with graduated steps and challenges to build our skills and self-esteem.

As children we need the support of training wheels or big daddy to ride our bicycles and we don't ride very far.

As adults we need to flex our muscles and compete.
As adults we do not need a big Daddy or Government to make sure we all play together nicely.

Those adults that desire a collective system (Collectivists) such as Democrats, Leftists, Communists, Fascists, Socialists and enviromentalists are afraid to grow up and face the world of competition and reward by merit.
They are afraid they will fail in a game where we don't all get a prize just for showing up.
They are afraid to fall off the bicycle and never learn to ride on their own

Collectivist Peter Pans are still flying around in their cardboard box spaceship where the world is perfect and they are in control. They refuse to think out of the box and confront reality. Instead they try to impose their illusion on the rest of the world.

Collectivists use propaganda and censor speech so as not the break the illusion.

If you break the illusion they throw a tantrum and kick you out (Fired from your work), ostracize you (Blacklisted, Jailed), make fun of you (Show Trials, Slander, Libel, rewrite history) or hit you (Torture, re-education camps, death squads).

Collectivism on a large scale is economically, physically, spritually and mentally destructive. It fosters sloth, corruption and evil.

So grow up! Throw away your training wheels and ride with the free market. Compete and be your best!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The root of all evil

Most people can't adapt to the world so they try to adapt the world to themselves by controlling it or they hide from it in a group of like minded people that create their own reality.

Those that want control want a big powerful government with absolute authority and a dependent populace. They become Kings, Dictators, Socialists, Democrats, Corrupted Republicans, Fascists, Communists, United Nations and various other collectivists that grow government and kill independence.

Those that want to run away from the world gravitate to the controllers because they feel safe in a group where everyone is forced to think alike and act alike. They want to be controlled because at least then they know the rules. The more powerful the leader the better because the rules won't change. The world of individuals and possibilities is too scary to them.

There has always been and still is a desire to make a world government and a desire to make a world Islamist State.

This is a weakness of Humanity that we have not addressed. It is the root cause of all economic chaos, wars, poverty and can rightly be called the root of all evil.

The capable, independent, smart, moral, compassionate, loving winners are in the minority of the great unwashed losers.
Those that are qualified don't seek power so we eventually get a government of the Stupid by the Stupid for the Stupid.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Socialism - The Democrat Piggy Bank

Ever wonder why the worst, dumbest and most corrupt politicians keep getting elected over and over again? And the more they get elected the worse they become?

Our system rewards the fattest pig.

Congress steals most of our earnings and they put it in a big trough called the treasury. The pigs fight over how much of our treasure each one gets to slough off for their district. The more senior the pig the better it is at making the deals to get more share of the ill gotten gains.

As long as our local selfish special interests gets a lion's share of the booty we will keep electing and funding the same pig.

We no longer care how much the government wastes on the non-productive collecting and distributing of our treasure. We don't even realize how control of our wealth forces us to dance to their tune for our supper.

This is Socialism!

The sleight of hand of thievery that turns public interest into selfish interest.

It's the diametrical opposite to the invisible hand of competition of the free market that transforms our self interest into public interest by each individual maintaining their business and themselves at peak productivity and intelligently distributing wealth by merit.

As long as you continue to be jealous of your neighbors wealth, that jealousy will be taken advantage of by the con men to persuade you into allowing the age old scam of "taking from the rich to give to the poor".

Wake up and smell the Socialism!

There aren't that many rich people. Once you give them the right to steal they break into your house too. You may not have as much money but there are much more of you.

Of course they don't literally break into your house. No. The pigs in Government are too fat to work that hard. They force you to bring your wealth to them. Can't you hear the Godfather theme playing? Pay your protection money or else. You need a little time; don't have the money yet? No problem. Pay the vig; interest and penalties. If you don't pay the loan shark we confiscate your house, belongings and anything of value and then put you in jail to rot.

Repeal the 16th amendment that gave the Socialists the power to directly tax you and put term limits on the pigs in Congress and the Senate!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Deja Vu all over you

Change is the campaign slogan.

The wealthy and the greedy are called to trial and blamed in front of the entire country for causing the economic collapse.
The common man is portrayed as an everyday hero for their dedication to the nation.
A plan is put in place by the government to take over private enterprises.
No it's Stalin.

How long before we go from change and hope to this:

Will you let history repeat itself?

Socialism is theft and violates Religious Freedom

The founders believed economic freedom is necessary for true liberty and only the free market of individuals is smart enough in the aggregate to correctly price goods, services and wages.

Govenmment is to govern by curtailing abuses but not to rule.

The founders established that there be no direct taxation on individuals but rather that Congress approve spending and collect taxes through the states with the total amount to be apportioned according to each states weight of representation in the federal government.

In 1913 the constitution was ammended based on the popularity of Marxist thinking to allow congress to directly tax super rich individuals. With an assured life supply the Government parasite grew.

There aren't enough super rich to fund the ever growing spending so today everyone pays through a forced progressive tax system based on the Marxist theory of redistribution of wealth.

Effectively we now have the same situation that the Founders rebelled against, taxation without representation directly contradicting the wisdom and liberalism of our founders.

Moral, social and economic values (or devaluation as is mostly the case) can now be imposed on the populace through tax breaks, again contravening the founder's intent of freedom from a state Religion and freedom to practice our own Judeo-Christian morality.

Our constitution affirms that Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness were endowed to us by our creator acknowledging that no government grants these rights or can take these rights away due to the higher authority of the Creator.

No religion may be imposed by the state. Is not the imposition of a state code of morality an imposition of Religion? Isn't the progressive income tax that is stealing money from one class to give to another an imposition of theft that violates our freedom to practice our religion that forbids theft?

By the founder's definition shouldn't religions such as secularism, atheism, enviromentalism (a belief in Gaia or Mother Earth and the evil of humanity) and Socialism not be allowed to be practiced by our government?

Housing Crisis? Democrats blame Jews.. err Wall Street

The Democrats repeat the same Socialist lies as Hitler and Stalin that it was the greed of the rich responsible for all our problems and we must punish them by taxing their assets. It's the age old scapegoat that covers up the greed and corruption of the politicians.

Here are the real facts that were presented during the campaign.

Too bad no one listened BEFORE the election.

Oh that's right we never saw this video. It was censored from YouTube (copyrighted songs. Uh Huh) and the media ignored it.

Osama Obama

Looks like Senator Ted Kennedy was right.

Obama is destroying our economy and our country far more quickly and far more effectively than Osama was able to on 9/11.

Five and a half trillion dollars in damages so far and still counting. The market is down three trillion dollars since his inauguration and he has racked up another two and a half trillion in Debt on Socialist pork that he calls Economic recovery.

Socialism is finally killing the host it feeds on. Will the host wake up in time?

These Democrat's socialist policies of providing "Affordable housing" starting with Jimmy Carter caused this financial crisis. The nail was put in the world's economic coffin by Bill Clinton's community re-investment act that forced banks to create worthless mortages and re-sell them through Fannie.
Obama sued banks if they didn't comply. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd blocked the Bush admins efforts to fix the craziness.

Here are the facts:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Potato Potahto, Tomato Tomahto

You say you're Liberal I say Conservative,
Libervat, Conservalib,
Conservaral, Libertive... Let's call the whole thing off.

Labels and even speech become useless as the Socialists re-define words. Democracy means a Republic, Wasteful spending is Stimulus, Leftist fascism means Republicans, Theft from one to give charity to another is called Progressive Income Tax etc.

I used to classify myself as a Liberal until I realized that the current philosophy we call Liberal is the opposite of the one the founders lived, due to Democrat/Socialist new speak.

The Conservatives were the Monarchists who wanted to conserve their positions and the Monarchy. The rest of us believed in Liberty and individual effort and were liberals.

The conservatives of old re-named themselves as progressives when the Marxist State replaced the King.
When the evils of Communism and Nazism were revealed the progressives usurped the moniker of Liberal.

Today's Liberal is the Conservative of yesteryear; wanting a strong state, central planning and control much like the authority of the king.

Today's Conservative is the Liberal of old; knowing that preserving liberty requires a free market economy and individual effort rather than state planning and wage and price controls.

Waiter, There's a Dictator in my soup!

Most people condemn the horror of Stalin and the Soviet Union i.e. planned starvation of millions in the Ukraine, murder, secret police, food shortages, propaganda, censorship, gulags, torture and suppression of spiritual practice among other horrors and affronts to freedom.

Yet people don't make the connection that these outrages are a direct result of the economic system of state/central planning in communism and socialism as opposed to the free market of individual planning.

State planning can never be perfect because people are just not smart and moral enough to handle the incredible complexity. Even with the most sophisticated supercomputers, we can't predict the weather so how will a few Politicians do better with a much more complex economy?

With imperfect planning comes inequities in wages, shortages of needed goods and services and wasteful surpluses of unneeded goods and services.

Why bake bread or raise cattle or farm when you will lose money on it due to low pricing?

State planned economies must force you to work and pacify you with propaganda and censorship to believe it is right to conform to the state plan.
You are treated as a cog not as a person.
Unrest leads to further controls by police, prison and torture. The fear and helplessness leads to drinking, drugs, apathy, misery and total collapse.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oil and tax policy

Every left-wing solution is based on emotional propaganda and lacks intelligence.

Use your intelligence and you are a criminal, fascist, nazi monster for disagreeing and being to the "right" of them.

Take the blaming of oil companies for our economic woes and the left-wing stupid solution of taking their profits away for alternative energy.

According to the government's own report, 2/3 of oil profit goes to the federal and state government. This doesn't include local property and storage taxes, state sales and severance taxes and on-shore royalty payments.

The government is the true beneficiary of windfall profits.

Guess what? A windfall profits tax on the oil companies doesn't reduce the government bite.

Cut out the government taxes and you would reduce the price of oil dramatically, put back money into our hands and cut the amount available for the politicians to waste.

Alternative energy is a red herring as "THE" solution for reducing oil dependency when half our oil use is for products other than fuel.

Liberal Fascism

Excerpts from the review

Unlike most of his maleducated peers in the media, Goldberg rejects the historically ignorant view still dominant in American pop culture that perceives Fascism and National Socialism as right-wing political phenomena.

Goldberg correctly identifies both revolutionary ideologies as being inherently of the political left; more importantly, he provides substantial documentary evidence proving his case beyond any rational doubt. And in doing so, he exposes six decades of intellectual fraud committed by American academics, 60 years of university professors averting their eyes from the historical realities and teaching the literal Stalinist line to multiple generations of college students.

This is a book that not only needed to be written; it is one that is long overdue.

I highly recommend "Liberal Fascism" for anyone who has ever been called a fascist, has ever called anyone else a fascist, or simply wishes to understand the history of the ideologies that pervade modern American politics.

Stealing is never having to say you're sorry

Thief says "sorry for stealing from you. Here, keep a few singles."

Can we get an apology from the government that does the same thing?

The government forces us to hand over the lion's share of our wealth through Payroll, Medicare, Social Security, Sales, inflation and all the hidden taxes. The government says I'll only rob 60% of your money so you can still get by for the next week when I rob you again.

Can you forgive this guy for stealing since he probably is giving the money to someone who needs it? Or would you lock him up because he stole the money, rather than ask for help and have the money donated to him voluntarilly.

Maybe this owner would forgive him once. Like we forgave President Lincoln who never asked for income taxes again.

But the more someone who is ostensibly trying to help steals the more he will feel entitled and the more ruthless he will become to push away the guilt. Just like our government has become with income taxes.

Democrats/Liberals say it's ok to steal for a good cause. That's Socialism and it's immorality is rotting our society.

Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.-Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850)