Sunday, April 17, 2016

Aversion to Capitalism, Wall Street, the 1%, the "Rich" Aversion to the 'dirty' JEW.

The hatred of Capitalism, private property, making a lot of money and being wealthy is not rational.  The wealthy use their capital to create business that creates the jobs, inventions and progress.  They are the linchpin of prosperity.

This hatred is emotional and is based on a deep seated prejudice against the Jew, which has been passed down the generations via the Christian and Islamic myths about the Jew and what was deemed to be "Jewish" whcih were accepted as truth.   It now pervades our Culture and is accepted as truth.   Money and private Property were considered Jewish and therefore vile.

Karl Marx, a Jew whose family had converted to Christianity,  reveals that prejudice when he wrote in 1844 on the 'Jewish Question' of whether conversion to Christianity would emancipate the Jew from their legal status so they could become citizens of Germany.  He postulated that conversion could neither emancipate the Jew nor Free Germany of Judaism.  His argument being that since some of the basic tools used by individuals to relate to the world, such as Capital and private Property, were considered to be Jewish, therefore those tools produce 'Jewishness' in those who make use of them.   So even non Jewish societies can produce Judaism if they maintain private property and Capital.

The hatred of Capitalism and Private property is clearly associated with hatred of the Jew.

This association in Western Society was fostered throughout much of the reign of the church where usury was forbidden to Christians. This left the Jew to be the one who risked their Capital to make loans so business could exist and economies flourish.  There was always a balance between hatred of the Jew and indulgence towards the Jew and his Capital.  Once flourishing, and seemingly no longer due to the Jew and his capital, and therefore no longer necessary, the hatred and scapegoating of the Jew would carry more weight than the necessity of the Jew and Capitalism.  It was common, at that point, for the Jews to be exiled from the country and their Capital seized and 're-distributed'.

Social Justice!

Many a Christian's fealty to the Monarch, Church and government arose out of this Re-distribution of wealth from the 'dirty Jew, Christ Killer' to the 'virtuous, pious, saved' Christian Noble and Knight and even a trickle of largess to keep the peasants happy. (Feasts, Public Holidays, in modern times free cheese and government programs, ostensibly, for the poor but really to keep them placated and create a large bureaucracy once again buying their fealty to the ruling elite.)

For all time the stigma of Jew Hatred has been associated with Money, private property, Capitalism, business, and today wall street, the Rich and the 1%, while re-distribution e.g. Government theft of wealth and property from the Capitalist (Dirty Jew) was associated with Nobility, Charity and Justice.

It is ironic to see Bernie Sanders , a Jew , keeping himself as poor as possible so  he can remain Noble and not the be a Capitalist (Dirty Jew).

Appendix A:
Conversely the Jew would be blamed for poor economic times and their property seized overtly ...or covertly... through devaluation of the currency - which was assumed Jews/Capitalist/Rich held more of than anyone else - and 're-distributed' as in modern times, Hitler, Stalin, the United States and every other Socialist dictatorship did.   (That's right the USA is a Socialist Dictatorship ruled by the Political Party with the majority of seats in the government that re-distributes through overt theft and covertly through devaluation of the currency)

Jews continue to be blamed for everything and hated in 56 Islamic countries