Sunday, April 19, 2009

Donald Duck Socialist propaganda. Pay your taxes.

A Patriot Pays their taxes!
In the 1940's estimated income taxes were the norm... and so was not having to pay them.

Needing more money the Government passed the Victory Tax Act that added a direct tax on Payroll and withholding of wages.  To get the people to accept this forced confiscation, the government asked Disney  to create this WWII Donald Duck Propaganda Cartoon that associated paying income tax with patriotism. 

Pay your taxes to bury the Axis!

Income Taxes were unconstitutional until 1913 and are still immoral.  The propaganda today to get us to willingly pay up is the same, only now it's the war on poverty, the environment and the latest so called "Crisis".

Propaganda is designed to placate us so we don't revolt against the Thieves in our government like our founding father's did against England's income tax of, hold on to your seats... 3% - 5%.

Here is Mike Church's parody of  Mrs. Robinson,  Here's to you Mr. Jefferson

Think National Socialism (Nazi) or a less fatal form of it can't happen here?
Here is a cautionary tale of Donald Duck in the "worker's paradise". Will the founding principles of America be upheld, or will we lose the remaining scraps of our freedom to Big Government and the Great Leader?

Here is the full length song from Spike Jones. Laugh in relief that this didn't happen here but don't forget that German's were seduced into giving up their freedom (and eventually overlooking genocide) by National Socialism's other give aways: Social Security Pensions, Public Education, Universal Health Care, Government regulation of business for worker safety, Managing economic crisis, Unemployment insurance, Welfare, Guaranteed civil service jobs and pretty much the same platform as today's Politicians.

If Fascism comes to America it will not be in Brown and Black shirt's it will not be with Jack Boots. It will be in Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. - Liberal Fascism

American Government's soft tyranny

Think there is a big difference between Republicans and Democrats?
Democrats want Big Government and forcing you to obey their values.
Republicans want a smaller Big Government and forcing you to obey their values.
Politicians want power, control and their security no matter the party.
Our constitution tried to prevent all three with separation of powers, keeping politicians out of your pockets and limiting their tenure. George Washington warned us strongly against the party system.
Politicians have danced around the limits that the Constitution placed on their power and control and consolidated their power into two major parties.

Now we are going the way of every other country. Either we correct their abuses or we will fall into tyranny, albeit soft.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Democrats buy your vote with money stolen from a minority

Democrats (Socialists) buy your votes with money they have robbed from minorities and justify it by fostering prejudice!

Everything evil they preach against, they commit; and you are party to their evil.

The minority in this case is the so called "Rich" that the left has demonized as evil. They tell you that it's OK to take their "ill gotten gains". Shouldn't they pay their "fair share"?
Demonizing and fostering prejudice is exactly the methods used by the Nazis to allow stealing from and then killing the Jews, the sick, homosexual, inferior races etc. Or the Ku -Klux Klan to justify lynching blacks. Or the Islamists to allow killing women and children in the USA, Israel, Britain, India etc.

Evil is never OK or justified and you always pay the price.
Re-distributing money is theft! If you take it you are a partner in crime!
And so you are paying the penalty even though you don't realize it. The penalty is slavery to the Socialists. You have given control to their government regulations and lost your individual freedom. Soon you will lose the freedom to think as an individual.

The USA is the new Soviet Union.

Straight from Karl Marx, the Democrats' system for control is the "progressive" income tax. But isn't that the fairest way? Those that have more should pay more?

The dirty little secret is that the Rich pay the majority of the taxes even with a flat or consumption tax so there is no justification for a progressive income tax other than it's ability to control you through tax "Breaks".

That's right, the Democrat-Socialists tricked you into putting on the hidden chains of the Progressive tax by saying it's just for the rich. The hidden part of their bargain is that you must vote for them and so are tied to them forever.

As long as the Democrats keep their voter's tax burden low or free they get to keep power.

They push welfare but it is their own and not yours they care about.

Our country was founded on individual effort and individual reward and risk. We stand for individual freedom or fall for Socialist bargains with the Devil.

So what, you say, I don't have to pay any taxes if I vote Democrat. What's wrong with that? Aside from being the recipient of stolen money and the ill effects of an entitlement mentality you are actually paying taxes and you don't know it. The wealth the Socialist steal/collect from the rich isn't enough to pay for their spending. They tax you at a much higher rate that you would ever pay with a fair or flat tax through inflation and all the other hidden taxes that are passed on to you in the price of goods and services.