Saturday, July 17, 2010

Govenment Freebies

Ain't no such thing.

The government steals that money from taxpayers.

$1500 credit for your window replacement?  It is just the same as if you broke into your neighbor's house and stole the cash to finance it.

You can rationalize about "fair share" and "reparations" and that the "Rich" deserve it.

It's stealing.  You didn't earn it and it was taken from someone else under threat.

Once you accept a Progressive (Socialist) income tax and rationalize theft, it is much easier to rationalize other evils.  Confiscation of all property and Imprisonment.  Our Progressive Presidents did that to all Japanese and Germans in our country.  Or murder as National Socialism (Nazi) eventually rationalized.  Jews were blamed for the economic collapse so they Deserved to die.  It wasn't murder just social justice.

Be aware!  Return our country from Socialist values to Foundational American Values

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