Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Family is responsible for Communism.

and Orthodox Republican Jews and the Golem of Prague...but that's another story.

My direct ancestors were instrumental in the resurgence and preservation of Orthodox Jewry know as the Chassidic movement which kept the Jewish people from succumbing to the influence of another more distant relative... Rabbi Moses Mendelssohn.

Rabbi Mendelssohn was the founder of the Jewish Enlightenment movement which led to Zionism, the State of Israel and Reform Judaism. This led to waves of secular/cultural Jews severed from their connection and even knowledge of the Torah and Jewish Orthodox practice.

(For reference please note that Jesus practiced what today is called Orthodox Judaism and railed against those secularized and not active in their connection to the Transcendent and understanding of the Torah.)

These non-orthodox secular and cultural Jews were no longer insulated from a more primitive group religion and code of morality preached by another notable distant relative, Karl Marx.

Karl Marx's philosophy of the totalitarian Communal/Collective led the world into more economic ruin, suffering and death than ever before in Human History. Rulers of countries subscribing to National Socialism (Nazi) and Class based Socialism (Communism) burned, gassed, starved, tortured and executed tens of millions of innocent men, women and children.

Still persisting today, the methods of Socialism such as taking wealth under duress from one group to distribute to another ruin free markets and keep most of the world's economies in a state of turmoil and failure.

The Socialist philosophy perverts our cultures into countenancing theft and dependency that usurps our character and sense of responsibility, debases our artistic expression and hold us in a primitive emotional state where fear, jealousy and envy rule over rationality.

The USA, which had remained the last bastion of an economic system and culture based on Judeo-Christian principles is on the brink of succumbing to the deadly parasite of Socialism. Unequaled freedom is about to be lost to the tyranny of the all powerful and controlling Communal state.

I hope therefore to be of assistance in turning back this tide of destruction.

I have tried to explain and codify the Foundational principles of American Society which are based on the 10 Utterances (mistranslated as Commandments) so we have a guidebook and a moral high ground from which to conduct a better campaign to educate our Educators and eventually recapture our Country.

Please take a look through:
The Society Project

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