Monday, January 21, 2013

"Free at First" not "Free at last"

Why don't Politicians like cold weather?
When it's cold, they have to keep their hands in their own pockets.

Today is Martin Luther King day.
Ironically it is also the inauguration day of a President elected, based on outward appearances and not the content of his character.
Thanks to God Almighty, we were Free at First, not at last. 
All human beings are endowed with Natural Rights among which, but not limited to, are free choice, life, and liberty.
No civil right is granted by government that was not based on an already endowed Natural right.
No right was ever granted by the Constitution.
The "Bill of rights" is actually a "Bill of Constraints" on the government from violating Natural rights.
The "Civil Rights Act" is a misnomer for anti-discrimination laws, used to force schools and business to integrate, based on arbitrary racial quotas.
Forced busing destroyed neighborhoods and plummeted the learning at both integrated and segregated schools.
Government interference, based on yet another power not granted in the Constitution, did not end prejudice and it did not end discrimination based on race.
It merely instituted another racial discrimination, based on a racial quota against people of a whiter shade of skin.
These laws criminalized anyone who did not meet certain statistically flawed government assumptions in hiring and other practices.
Government interference prolonged racial discrimination, just as it prolonged the "Great Depression".
We individuals, have a duty not to discriminate against someone, based on any form of prejudice, for moral and social reasons and not by government edict.
The people who marched and protested, MLK's Martyrdom, cultural change, peer pressure and a new generation ingrained against racial prejudice was what ended discrimination against blacks, not the "Civil Rights Act". 
Prejudices continues today.  The prevailing prejudices have been redefined so that we effectively don't see them as such.
Instead of racial prejudice against Blacks, today we have racial prejudice against Whites and political prejudice against Republicans and the so called "right wing".
Prejudices are "knee Jerk" responses, based on an entrenched habit of thinking, formed with improper information.
People discriminate falsely based on prejudice and fears which are not based in reality.
People discriminate falsely, based on misinformation and lies spread through negative parental and social influence, rumors, gossip and Political propaganda.
However, people must discriminate truly, based on reality and not lose the ability to discriminate through false education or arbitrary law.

On a quick tangent, can people discriminate what is true or false in the language of the President's inauguration speech? 
It is not the deficit we need to reduce, it is the Debt; and therefore not an excuse to raise taxes and keep spending.  
It is not Climate change we must evaluate, it is Global Warming, which has proved not to be scientifically true and therefore needs no laws and response.  
The Constitution is not "a never ending Journey" that must adapt to the times but rather a clear path we need to follow to get us through the corruption of these times safely.
Can they tell if the President said anything from his heart or merely fluff and high sounding, empty words.
Did they notice what is truly inspired and moving, like Kelly Clarkson's incredible rendition of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" and what is crushing like Chuck Schumer's quick "Wow" dismissing the emotional impact of her singing that overshadowed the President's prior words - just words - and cutting off any applause that might have lasted and showed up the President.

It is interesting to note that the people who cry racism so often, both Black and White, were never discriminated against, nor did they witness discrimination.
They grew up in the Northeast or the West Coast or a State - sometimes even Canada - where there was no history of slavery or racism against blacks.
White Racism is an imaginary bugaboo; yet another non-reality based prejudice, they have been programmed to believe is true.
Case in point of a false prejudice: the two very liberal pundits Juan Williams and Bob Beckel, are daily on FOX news, which according to the prejudice - spread even by the President - is the supposed enemy of all that is liberal.
Let me tell you the reality of racism and being discriminated against. 
My parents experienced first hand the Nazi Holocaust, the ultimate in racism in the 20th Century. 
(The most well known, that is.  The original Holocaust, which Hitler copied, was committed by the Muslims against the Armenian people)
My parents actually bore the brunt of racism and being discriminated against.
What led up to that abomination was the same type of, peer and government propaganda supported, prejudicial belief in an imaginary story as is being spread by today's false prejudices.
I relived my Parent's childhood discrimination, for being Jewish, every day; and not just from their stories.
Every day I walked home from school and was either in fear of, or in actuality, being taunted, having my Yarmulke, which they called a beanie copter, taken from of my head - ripping out the bobby pins that held it securely and taking my hair with it - and then having them play monkey in the middle with me as they tossed my "copter" between them and yelled "Hey Hymie, come and get it".  Once in a while they even added in a beating.
No neighbor ever stopped it.  They shared the same prejudice based on the false information that Jews Killed Christ and were greedy, evil Shylocks.
The one time my father happened to come home and saw me getting beaten up, he walked away.
He later told me, I had brought it on myself somehow by not being inconspicuous enough, as a Jew must be, even here in America. 
Neither I, nor my family had anything to do with slavery of blacks, but I was "White". 
After a visit to my black friends in Harlem, Manhattan, on the way to the subway for home, I was chased by Black Teens yelling:
"You don't belong here, White boy", 
"We gonna kill you Whitey",
"Yeah, you better run". 
These were teenagers in NYC who had NEVER experienced white prejudice. 
Nevertheless, they were brought up with the lie that all white people are racists who are responsible for keeping them down.
White Racism exists in the minds of the propagandized.  Black racism and prejudice against whites is real. 
Islamic racism against blacks, Jews, Americans and non-Muslims is real (Islamic slavery of blacks and women still thrives).
How many prejudices are spread to keep us all divided?  Women seeing all men as monsters.  Gays and Liberals hating Christians and Republicans.  The non-religious hating Religion and therefore all morality. There are so many more.
Time to see through the fog of lies and unite to restore a government of the people not over the people.

Why do people hate Jews?
There is an old joke about an elderly Jewish man reading a neo-Nazi paper with a big smile on his face.
His neighbor, aghast, comes up to him.
"Mendel, Oy Vey, why are you reading that?"
Mendel answers with a grin.
"Yitzie, my good friend. 
I was so depressed reading the Jewish paper, what with all the stories of synagogue burnings and swastikas painted.
But then I picked up this paper and... wonderful news.  The Jews have all the money.  We control America..."
Anti-Semitism starts when Jews are associated with an enemy. 
During the Islamic conquests, after the Muslims took over a country, they spread the false rumor that the Jews were in cahoots with the Muslims, to prevent the Jews and Christians from getting together to overthrow their Islamic Tyranny.  
Within Catholic circles the rumor that the Jews were aligned with the devil and had killed god was spread.  Christian kings said the Jews brought on disease and pestilence and drank the blood of Christian babies. 
The Nazis spread the false libel that the Jews were responsible for the economic collapse of Germany and in league with the Communist enemy. 
Islamic governments still foment hatred against Jews with the same lies.  Jews are responsible for economic woe.  Jews run the world and control the hated enemy United States. (unfortunately Mohammed's hatred at being rejected by the Jews is ingrained in their Religion and will never end)  

Prejudice based on an actual bad experience, like my Parent's prejudice against Non-Jews, is a form of PTSD.

Prejudice based on lies is the worst form of prejudice and it is still prevalent in the broken and corrupt government system, that in name only is the United States.  Politicans fan prejudices to keep the people from Uniting and restoring the uncorrupted system of the founders and ousting today's Political Party monarchy.  

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