Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do Something, doo doo

The President and his fellow, nagging nanny, hypocritical Hollywood and Political Elites are propagandizing in support of "Doing Something" about guns.
"Doing Something" is not a solution.  "Doing Something" is the primitive automatic response of the body to fear.   Fight or flight.
By "something" they mean their, emotionally based and intellectually barren, "brilliant" solution.
Reasonable, emotionally mature people, don't assume their ideas are brilliant and just run with them.
Reasonable people don't act when they are overwrought.  They stop, breathe and give it some thought.  
Unless you are in imminent physical danger, doing 'something' is exactly the opposite course that needs to be taken.
Wise and conscientious people don't just do something, they do the best thing. 

The root of gun murder is not the gun, it is the Person with the following characteristics:
A "Do Something" mentality that acts on Emotion.
An arrogant stupidity that doesn't think through any idea because – it's their idea, so it must be right. 
A lack of Judeo-Christian moral boundaries, that would have kept the idea of murder from even being thought of in the first place.
It is not the violence in games, TV and the movies that inspire murder.  It is not playing with toy guns.
People with Judeo-Christian guidelines to morality, who view those fantasy stories, get past the initial visceral response.
People with those guidelines realize it is acting and not a call to "act out".  They can separate fantasy from reality.
It is the people, who lack those guidelines, who are inspired to kill in real life. 
TV and movies reflect the culture. 
Fix the culture.  Restore Judeo Christian American values (that does not mean Religious rituals).
The purpose of Religion, ethics, morality and principles of civilization is to to brake that primitive, fight or flight, response with our reasoning and intelligence.
We need an outside standard because we do not have instinctual programming to tell us what is good or bad.   We have free choice and no internal compass.
Therefore, we need moral Boundaries to be placed in our minds, where our thoughts should not go.
We have to develop a conscience and wisdom that will guide our actions to do the best thing.
The only standard that has proven to work is the Judeo-Christian one transmitted to us by a higher authority.
Ethical culture and secular morality is not enough. 
Rational Justifications, and the arrogance that we know, easily break flimsy secular morality and boundaries.
Why shouldn't you murder if there is no higher standard than a Human one. 
People aren't precious.  They pollute, they make war... they're racist and cruel.
People suck, why not kill them all.   They have a right to live? Says who?
You think that people won't murder because they'll go to jail?
That is an external control and only effective in a complete Police State.
Without self-control, a person who thinks they can get away with it, will murder. 
If man is the standard then the superior man can murder the inferior.  
Genetic superiority, cultural superiority have all been excuses used to commit mass murder.
Might makes right.
The reason we don't murder is because:
Humans have a right to life, endowed by a higher source than Humanity.
Murder has consequences that you can't always see.   You can not figure out the bigger picture of this Universe and creation.
We are not the pinnacle and the all knowing.    

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