Monday, April 15, 2013

Political Mind Control - why data privacy is so important.

Political Parties have become technologically adept at fine tuning your thoughts.   No need for mind rays  (although they did use hypnotic induction in Obama's campaign speeches.) 

Based on the enormous amount of data they collect about you, they know EXACTLY what motivates you and,  EXACTLY what to say to guide your actions to their benefit.

Obama won this last election by being way ahead of the Republicans in mining data and targeting voters.
Funds were raised using guest hosts, based on who was most popular with each demographic, based on movie and television watching data, as also were the placement of ads.
Voters were shamed into voting by Obama's campaign threatening to reveal to their neighbors if they had voted or not.

As we now know, there was also illegal (for the moment) targeting of Conservative groups by the IRS, who denied tax exempt status to 501c's and asked, never before seen, highly intrusive questions that violated Constitutional privacy.  Specifically Conservatives were audited and there is even more to come.  (another good reason to pass the fairest tax and get rid of the IRS).

The underlying reason for ObamaCare, the Patriot act and every other government program that collects data is to win elections and power.
With the Health Data of ObamaCare, Election manipulation will get even more sophisticated leading to an even more totalitarian manipulation.

Newly revealed documents show that the US and British governments have been trying to infiltrate encryption through influencing bad standards and inserting backdoors into hardware and software.
The Occupy movement and Obama's campaign for the rich to pay their "fair share",  was all about manipulating YOU, the "99%", to accept higher taxation on yourselves
That's right.  It was never about taxing the Rich. 

It was about raising everyone's taxes!
Obama and his propaganda scientists know that the Rich can NEVER be squeezed for enough to support the Government's yawning maw of corruption.  It would barely make a dent in the cost of the Federal Government even if you confiscated ALL the wealth of the rich, including from their foundations (that are exempt from taxation).  Only with everyone paying taxes can the government support itself.
All of YOU, are the golden goose that Obama will squeeze.   Thanks to your buying in to class envy, you will feel so good about being plucked that you will even defend the righteousness of this further theft and cynical manipulation of your thoughts.
Income tax - direct confiscation under duress (theft) of your property and wages - was sold like snake oil, to the States ratifying the 16th Amendment, using the same ploy of class envy.
The Politicians promised that only the rich with incomes over $20,000 (the equivalent of a million of today's devalued dollars) would pay at a rate of 1% to a maximum of 7%.  By the time FDR was President, the tax rate was as close to 100% as he could make it.
Ironically, it was a cynical Political Ploy of the Republican party that backfired, which saddled us with this immoral and formerly unconstitutional income theft.   The Republicans pushed for an income tax amendment to defeat a Democrat income tax bill, with the assumption that the States would never ratify such an amendment.    Class envy worked for the Communists to trap their people into tyranny and worked just as well here to trap us into feeding a tyrannical, parasitic government that drains all our efforts and grows fat on our sweat and toil. 
Can you get morally outraged that Jealousy, Envy and the Lust for Political Power is the foundation for OUR government?
But wait, there's more
Even with everyone paying tax, there is not enough booty confiscated to pay for the Politician's spending.
So they borrow money against future taxes on you and your children.
Like a Bank mortgage, the government has a lien on all your future income and part of your children's too.
That means, like a mortgaged house that is deeded to the bank until you pay back the loan, the Federal Government owns your income.
That's why you hear Politicians say that people who don't pay their taxes are stealing from the government.   The Mafia used to say the same thing about not paying "protection" money. 
But really it is akin to identity theft.
The government thugs took out loans, without your consent or signature, on all your wealth and your future wealth.
Now you are on the hook to pay back the money for all the goodies the thieves bought for themselves on your credit card.
If you don't pay, the government mob enforcers at the IRS will break your legs (figuratively).
But wait, there's more
Even with borrowing trillions of dollars, there is not enough booty to pay for the Politician's continued profligate spending.
So the Federal Reserve steals more money from your savings account, home and pocket without your knowledge.
They do this by controlling the value of the Federal Reserve Note, we call a dollar, sitting in your savings, home and your pocket.
Think of the Fed note as a balloon.
The Fed can make more balloons but they have no air in them. (The same way that they can print new Fed notes but they represent no value.)
Since the Fed has their hand on the valve that controls the air in your balloon, all they have to do is let a little air out of your balloon and use it to fill up their, newly made, balloons.
In the same fashion, the Fed sucks value from your dollar to fund the new dollars they print for the government to spend.
It is the same as if the government cut a piece off every paper dollar and reassembled the pieces into new dollars.
Or, if the government snipped a piece off of every coin and melted the pieces down to form new coins for the government to spend.
They call this theft of your assets, Quantitative Easing and other incomprehensible names and divert your attention with complicated figures about Money Supply and other accounting tricks.
Bottom line: Prices are based on the amount of air in your balloon (or value in your Fed Note). If there is less air in each balloon, you will have to fork over more balloons to buy stuff.
Prices inflate because your balloon deflates (lost air).
Prices inflate because your Fed Notes deflate (lost value).
But wait, there's more
The 16th amendment violates the 4th Amendment which protects the right to privacy of personal data (paper in those days) from unreasonable search or seizure.
It is physically impossible to make sure people are paying their income tax, without the IRS prying into and searching through private data.
Facebook and Google pry into our correspondence such as Emails, requests for information and purchase records. 
All our data should be private. If the government wants it, it must be by warrant based on it's reasonable use.
Police misuse of data is already prohibited. Health records are protected by privacy laws, (that will be sidestepped by ObamaCare.)
Elections and power is not a valid use of our data.  Therefore, data should remain private and not accessible by Politicians.
The Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizure of letters and documents (which were the only data storage formats at that time) and should also cover electronic data.

Privacy of Data is your only defense against Political Mind Control.

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