Sunday, January 20, 2013

Psst. Did you hear about...?

Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel asked people what they thought of the Presidential inauguration even though it hadn't happened yet.
Whatever the interviewer comes up with they seem to accept as real.
The first one seems to actually believe they saw the inauguration.
The last one, when told that none of this really happened, laughs and admits she was "just playing along" and asks "is that good or bad?".
So people either accept the lie or play along to win approval. 
We have seen, from the overturned convictions of day care centers, falsely accused of devil worship and child abuse, that children can be easily manipulated to create a false reality of memories based on what they are told, just to win approval of an authority figure.  
So can adults, for various reasons.   Witness Hillary Clinton's false memories of coming under fire when her plane landed in Bosnia in 1996.
Lies, distortions and Propaganda, reinforced by Educators, Celebrities, Media together with the desire for peer approval, creates a false reality.  It is the same self-hypnosis.  Our minds, must have intergrity even if it is built on falsehood. 

Bones must have integrity.  They need calcium, but can be fooled and built on the similar molecule, radioactive radium - if ingested, like the workers who painted the dials on watches with radium paint and licked their brushes to make a finer point.  The way not to die is to stop ingesting.  that applies to both Radium and lies.
Lies are not contagious.  Human behavior determines if they have power. 
People who accept and spread lies or go along with them, without caution and verification, are the force that moves propaganda.
2013 is the 100 year anniversary of the year the United States effectively ceased to exist - with the passage of the 16th and 17th amendment that removed the representation of the States in the Federal government and gave the government Constitutional cover to confiscate our wealth through taxes and debauching the currency.

The erosion, of the foundational values this country was built upon, over the past 100 years has borne fruit.  The United States culture of Judeo Christian morality has become one of malicious gossip, junk science and propaganda.
Under this most leftist of all Presidents and his Democrat administration, we are in a virtual pandemic of lies and distortions.  Half the country is infected and has assimilated a false narrative of science, history and economics and believes the other half are the fools who are not living in reality.
If you want it to change, then the truth has to be told.   Minds must be changed through education - with simple explanations, parables, undeniable proof or whatever works. 
And, once aware, for all of us to restore what has been broken.
With Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair (CARR) we can have a more incorruptible system and restore the United States to a government Of the people not Over the people.
That is the mission of The Society Project.  Spread the word.

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