Sunday, August 7, 2016

How do we Judge Law?

The government passed law that a baker can not refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple.  But he can refuse to decorate it.  

If a Muslim Terrorist came into the bakery, after he blew up 300 babies and children, raped their mothers and cut the testicles off the Police, I would have to bake a celebratory cake according to Law

After all we can't discriminate based on race or religion according to law.  If he was a gay Muslim would that clinch it?  What if he blew off a leg.  Now he's handicapped too.

If he were a Republican Muslim Jihadist would it be OK to refuse service?     Democrats might think so.  What about refusing Donald Trump?

You think I am kidding?  There are people out there who would say you have to bake the cake.  And others that you don't.  And the Law?  It would go to the Supreme Court.

Is it moral to refuse service to someone that your religion tells you is a sinner?  Is it moral to force the baker to serve the customer he despises?

There is no answer because the United states Mores are nowhere to be found and therefore useless as a guide.  that is why you have so many opinions and in the end force is used based on what the ruling Political Party feels they can get away with to get re-elected.

That is not morality, it is corruption of the entire concept of moral standards.

When kids are arrested in elementary school for DRAWING a stick picture of a gun or making a gun outline with their fingers, it should be a red flag taller than Mount Everest that this society is broken, with no standards or common sense to operate by, other that what is Politically trendy.

IMO no law that Congress or the Supreme court has passed (Yes Supreme Court decisions are effectively creating law by rejiggering the meaning of words in the Constitution and it's Amendments and creating something new)  under the influence of  Political bias are valid.  

There would be no need for enforcement of Law if there were real standards that we could all agree on and base our judgement on.
But that Libertarian idea is impossible without those standards.  And without teaching those standards to our children and not allowing anyone into office that does not respect those standards.

“Politics is not a separate field in itself. Political ideas do not come out of thin air. They are the result of the moral premises which men have accepted. Whatever people believe to be the good, right and proper Human actions – that will determine their Political actions“. – Ayn Rand Screen Guide For Americans

Here is my contribution to defining those standards for the United States.   See what you think.

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