Sunday, March 13, 2016

Obama Terrorist "refugee" Animal Farm - All Religions are equal But Islam is more equal than others

Obama is supporting Islamic terrorist world wide.  In the latest case Obama misappropriated our tax money to defend Muslims in a PRIVATE legal dispute.

Two Muslim "Refugees", e.g. planted by Islamic Terrorist groups, as part of establishing precedents for Sharia Law taking over in all countries, sued their employer with Obama's financial support  (Our money, not his) in front of an Obama appointed Judge (E.G. as part of Obama's evil or unwitting support of Islam) and won a case that should never have even been tried.

These two Islamic Terrorist plants took a job delivering that required delivering Alcohol and then refused to make deliveries claiming alcohol consumption is prohibited by Islam and delivery was violated their Religious beliefs.  Consumption not delivery and also refused to take routes that did not include alcohol deliveries.

But Christian bakers that refused to bake cakes for those that violated their religious beliefs? Or Christians who do not support abortions? Sorry they have not rights under Obama.  Whether or not you support their positions, all are supposed to be equal under the Law.  But the lawless Presidents have established Federal Bureaucracies like the EEOC to become dictators and impose their Political and Religious beliefs on the public, in violation of the first Amendment and morality in general.


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