Sunday, May 18, 2014

Special Needs Teens integrated into Military

No, not in the USA.  Special Needs teens are ineligible.
Certainly not in Germany where these teens were deemed defective and the first that Hitler got rid of.
Not in Russia where manly men like Putin serve with open shirts and closed minds.
There is only one country that has the values necessary for this to occur.
Israel.  Home of the people, whom the entire world, for all of history, continue to hate.
This is already the 10th year of this esteem building program called “Great in Uniform”.
See this heartwarming video for yourself. 
The first value of the IDF (Israel Defense forces) is Love your neighbor.
That’s right!  Because the Israelites operate under a covenant with the Creator.
A covenant that the people of the United States started with, but soon lost to the predominant culture of materialistic Jealousy and Revenge called Communism/Socialism/Collectivism/Political Correctness/Open Society and World Government among other names. 
A culture with the belief that all outcomes must be equal to resolve petty jealousy and that those who earn more must be taken revenge on.  That the group is superior to the individual and can strip people of their property in a manner unequal under the Law.  (The laws of Nature and Nature’s God, as our Declaration of Independence refers to universal Law).
This Israeli program is true equality.  Something the world needs to learn from.

Let's restore the covenant of Foundational American Values.

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