Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quantitative Easing = Easing quantities of assets from your pocket to the Government and the Bank's pockets.

In other words THEFT!

Printing money is not free.  Money can not be created out of nothing. 

Federal Reserve notes are just a promise of purchasing power. The newly printed Notes are an empty promise until the FED reneges on their promise for all the old Notes and transfers that promise of value to the new ones.  The value/purchasing power they invest in the new notes comes out of everyone's pockets and savings. 

Quantitative easing

It is pure theft, equivalent to the FED cutting pieces off your dollars and sticking them together to make new ones for the government to spend and the banks to make loans with, while you have to cut up some of your dollars to repair the difference. 

Prices go up relative to the loss of value in the notes we call dollars.  No one is making a profit on the raised prices, they are just offsetting a loss.
There is, maybe, one penny left on the original promise of 100 cents to the Fed dollar.
That is how much the FED has stolen since 1913. 

On top of that, we pay brokerage fees for this theft and 6% interest to the FED. 

On top of that, our earnings and assets and our children's future earnings and assets have been mortgaged on 17 trillion dollars of debt and trillions to be paid on pensions, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, WIC , unemployment, disability, ObamaCare and all the other "entitlement" programs the Politicians hand out that get paid from our taxes. 
That is why 2 people now have to work to support a family and why the so called American Dream is so much harder to make true.  That and the overabundance of regulations that strangle business is why there are not enough Jobs. 

The government has stolen all your assets and still taxes you on top of that.    

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