Monday, October 21, 2013

The Half Truth and nothing but. The Unaffordable Act/Obamacare TRIPLES health insurance costs for most.

The affordable care act, like every other government program is a scam.
It is there to increase the Politician's power and wealth.  Nothing else. 

The Politicians, like the proverbial slick used car salesman, who sells you junk that looks good on the outside but requires a fortune to keep running,  sell their programs to you by focusing on the "benefits" without telling you the way it is paid for.
Would you be surprised if I tell you that the ACA has TRIPLED most people's health insurance costs? That's how the few who benefit are being paid for. 

First you should realize - Every word a Politician comes out with is a half truth, especially the carefully crafted phrases of the President of Deception, Obama.

Politicians are always campaigning.  They speak to win power and their communication to you is all about defending themselves, attacking the other party and hiding embarrassing information.    It is NEVER the whole truth and certainly not what they talk about in secret.

And it is about meaningless and wasteful gestures and posturing to boost their votes with their constituents.

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - Repeal Obamacare Votes

And it is about mean spirited and spiteful gestures and posturing to boost their votes with their constituents.

The ACA gives some people benefits they did not have before. - true
SOME people. At the expense of everyone else.
That's the part the Politicians are hiding.

Just like Welfare payments benefit some people, but everyone else pays for it.
The ACA, is Stealing money from the many to benefit the few that the GOVERMENT, not you, deem worthy.

Those deemed worthy are so, because they will VOTE for the ones who push welfare and the ACA.
You are paying to buy votes for Obama and the Democrats.

The Happy Voter
Cartoon by Ed Stein - Mandates

Proof from personal experience.
Most people get their health insurance subsidized by their employer. Those people do not see the true cost and that is what Obama is counting on.

As an Employer, I do see the true cost. Premiums have gone up 40% the first year, the ACA was passed, (in the middle of the night without debate or anyone knowing what was in it. A perfect recipe for success right?), and 25% every year since.

Deductibles went from $1500 to $8,000 for out of network and a similar percentage for in-network.

In total, Premium costs have doubled. That doubling is coming out of everyone's salary through raises that will not be given. An unseen cost. Assuming you use your insurance, you will pay the much higher deductible that you did not have to pay before ObamaCare. Another cost not mentioned by the Politicians.

Factoring in the deductible and the premium doubling, the amount paid by most has effectively increased by approximately three times what it was before ObamaCare.

And the Young...Choosing a state at random, the Manhattan Institute reports that before the ACA, the average 27-year-old male in Arkansas could buy a health insurance policy for roughly $54 a month. According to the White House website, on the ACA exchange, the average lowest-priced plan will be three times more expensive, costing him around $181 a month – a 235 percent increase. If he were to purchase a stripped-down catastrophic plan, it would cost roughly $135 per month, two-and-a-half times more than his current insurance.

And that doesn't include the half billion you all paid for the broken ACA website and the billions already spent, on training, accounting and implementation.  And the trillions more to get the thing actually working, if it ever does.
Or the time wasted, and the ill health that anxiety produced due to endless arguments about which party is to blame.

The ACA is yet another wasteful government program that increases the power and wealth of the Political parties at your expense.

Face it.  Even the Supreme Court will not bail you out of government tyranny and theft.

Cartoon by John Branch -

Fix it by getting rid of Political Parties and Amending the Constitution to repair our broken government system.
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