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Pilot error and Power Ball wisdom

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If the media didn't show you the crash of a Korean airliner, in San Francisco  - with animation, endless pictures and 24 hour coverage - you would have been completely unaware of the tragedy.  And you certainly wouldn't have heard that the crash was due to Pilot error. 
(and the ridiculousness of the TV Anchor obliviously reading the phony names of the pilot and crew :-) 
pilotsnames - News station wrongly names pilots in Asiana plane crash -- 'Ho Lee Fuk,' 'Sum Ting Wong'
The US economic crash is not as obvious as a Plane Crash, and the Media, who are in the same Political Party as Obama, won't cover it. 
You certainly won't get to the point of contemplating the pilot error of Obama, when you aren't even aware of a crash.
Instead you hear Obama lying about how great everything is to keep people's confidence up and keep them spending. Not to mention re-elect his party.
Since the government and the Media are keeping you in the dark,  let's look at something you are aware of - the Multi-State Power Ball lottery. 
The price of a Power Ball ticket went up from 1 dollar to 2 dollars in Jan 2012.
They said they needed twice as much money to boost the jackpot amount to attract more buyers.  Why? 
Is there something less attractive about 20 million dollars in 2012 than it was in 2008?  
Apparently so.   
Remember in the movie Austin Powers when Dr. Evil, having just woken up from being in suspended animation since 1967, asked for a ransom of one Million dollars? 
They laughed at him.  One million in that modern time barely covered a mid range house. 
Are the houses so much better today than then?  No... in fact they are 40 years older. 
Because they have aged, a house bought for 10 thousand in 1967 should be worth maybe one thousand due to depreciation. 
So why does it cost one million?   It's solely because the value of the money has depreciated.   
The lottery judged a 100% percent increase was necessary, because the dollar was worth half as much in 2011 as it was in 2008. 
The doubling in price reflects the fact that the Federal Reserve, under the current administration, has printed and released enough new dollars into the economy to dilute the dollar value by half.  
Think of the dollar as a balloon, whose purchasing power/value depends on how much air is in the balloon. 
The government can print new balloons, but there is no air or value in them. 
To get air/value, the government takes half the air/value in your dollar to fill up their newly printed ones.
Thereafter, it takes two of your half-filled dollars to buy a power ball ticket, where before it took only one, fully filled, dollar. 
The government gets to spend all those newly half-filled dollars that they didn't have before.   All that value came from you.
It is effectively a stealth flat tax on every person's dollar in their pocket, the dollars in their savings and the, dollar denoted, worth of every person's property
Under Obama, The government confiscated one half of all the property in the United States - and elsewhere from whoever holds a dollar or dollar priced asset.
According to government figures, 85 billion a month in new dollars are printed.  So over the year the Federal reserve will print over 1 trillion dollars, to buy Treasury Bonds, that you have to pay back from your taxes.  That trillion will flow through the banks (right away, since the bank can get the trillion at almost zero interest) taking one trillion out of value from your dollar.  
But wait folks, that's not all.   If you call for a loan right now we'll steal 10 times as much from you.  We don't even have to pay you for shipping and handling (or interest).  You see, the banks can loan out almost 10 trillion dollars  because the banks are only required to maintain a 10% reserve.   Not only did the FED steal your savings to give to the banks for nothing, but the banks keep any interest they might have paid you if you had deposited the money.       
But wait.  In addition to this set of knives - to your heart - there's even more!
The interest on the bonds held by the Fed amounted to almost 90 billion dollars, paid to the FED by the government from your taxes.

This article, put out by the left wing Daily Beast, is of the impression that treasury bond interest paid to the Federal Reserve is profit returned to the taxpayers.  Which is ludicrous, since the money for the interest payments came from the taxpayers in the first place. And, the money from the bond interest, paid by the taxpayers, does not go back to the taxpayers at all, it goes to the government and the banks.  It is just another hidden tax which is spent by the corrupt Politicians.
Here's how to fix this crazy system:

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